5 Biggest and Most Famous Places for Safaris

For many decades, safari has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people who love to travel the world. Its modern versions involve using an ordinary camera instead of a weapon, which allows you to take many good pictures and avoid the need to kill animals. We invite you to study the features of such entertainment in more detail and determine the most suitable places for it.

Features of a modern safari with a camera

Initially, the safari was nothing more than a hunt for African animals. However, with the advent of various environmental organizations and a decrease in the population of some living creatures, traditional entertainment has been slightly modified. Modern versions use a good camera, and the trophy is considered a perfect shot of the animal in its natural habitat.

Modern camera safaris have many features. These events are held mainly in places remote from large cities, where people can see various living creatures whose way of life has not been influenced by humans. Their organizers explore the available territory in advance and select the optimal locations, where there are always many animals, and the likelihood of taking a good photo increases many times over.

Today, many varieties of modern photo safaris have been invented. Each has its own characteristics and appeals to a certain category of travelers. In some situations, activities are even offered that take place in the dark. In this case, participants have to use night vision optics and other specialized devices.

The famous places for photo safari

1) Botswana

This country is considered ideal for a modern safari with a camera. On its territory, there are many natural locations where hundreds of species of animals live. Among the most famous places for photography, the Okavango Delta stands out. The Chobe and Moremi nature reserves are also worth visiting. These wilderness areas are home to crocodiles, hippos, lion pride, elephant families, lone hunter leopards, giraffes and some antelope species. No one can photograph each of them in one safari, so most lovers of such entertainment return to Botswana many times and continue their adventure in this country.

2) Costa Rica

Modern safari has long gone beyond Africa. This allowed ideal locations for photographing wild animals to appear on different continents. One of them is Costa Rica. This country is ready to offer every photographer a wide variety of ecosystems where you can find countless living creatures. The optimal place for a safari will be Monteverde Cloud Forest. This reserve is rich in flora and fauna that are rarely seen in other parts of our planet. Manuel Antonio and Tortuguero national parks are often used as backup options. Primates, sloths and other mammals live in these places. Also, in Costa Rica, dozens of rare birds will decorate any photo with their appearance.

3) Sri Lanka

This island nation in South Asia is one of the top photo safari destinations. Most of its territory is occupied by national parks, where you can find many rare representatives of the fauna. Travelers highlight Yala, Wilpattu, Gal Oya, Udawalawe, and Bundala, among the most popular locations. In these wilderness areas, the main animals are elephants. They are the ones most often photographed by lovers of modern safari. Also, on the territory of the listed national parks, there are ungulates, leopards, sloths and many species of birds. They are all accustomed to the constant presence of humans, so they behave very calmly and allow taking pictures from as close as possible.

4) India

One of the most mysterious countries in the world is India. On its territory, there are many corners of wild nature where you can organize a magnificent photo safari. Fans of this popular entertainment should go to the national parks of Bandhavgarh, Bandipur, Gir, Keoladeo, and Kanha. There, you will be able to find hundreds of animals, photographs of which will adorn any collection. Among the many faunas in Indian national parks, the most often photographed are Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, sloths, hyenas, primates and antelopes. These animals are not always friendly to people, so you need to follow safety measures and not do stupid things. You are guaranteed dozens of good shots if you manage to avoid mistakes.

5) Madagascar

This island nation is a paradise for photo safari lovers. It is remote from the African continent, so it has an ecosystem that has developed over many centuries. The central safari location in Madagascar is Ranomafana National Park. Its territory is home to a vast number of species of lemurs. One part is diurnal, and the other is nocturnal, so you can watch them and take good photos anytime. In addition to lemurs, many unique birds, amphibians and reptiles are found in Ranomafana. Another popular destination in Madagascar is the municipality of Anakao. There are many wild places where unique animals can be found. There are many of them in the coastal zone, so that everyone can combine a photo safari with a beach holiday.

Photo safari is a modern variation of traditional entertainment. It allows you to experience unforgettable emotions by visiting different countries, trying out exciting shooting techniques and gaining valuable skills in close communication with wildlife. Having experienced all the splendor of such an event, you will want to continue and immediately begin planning your next trip.

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