5 Biggest MVPs That Shook the Gambling Industry

The casino world offers a bittersweet experience as players are stacked against odds that can only be beaten with strategies and rule-abiding. While the risk involved can be disheartening, the rewards, when gotten by proper risk management, are infinite. These five players understood that logic and exploited it to stand out from the crowd.

Every field and industry has its hall of fame greats, and this is no different with the online casino games industry, as certain players can be described as the Mambas and Jordans of this exciting world of probabilities. Each with their unique personality and storylines, these players stood in the face of insurmountable odds and carved a name for themselves in this industry.

So, if you are hoping to be the next MVP, keep reading as we take a behind-the-scenes look into the stories of five of these outstanding players, and we hope you can draw some inspiration from their stories.

1) Bill Benter- The Algorithm Player

Touted as the player who beat the bookies, Bill Benter is one player whose name leaves minds wondering about the concept of predictability through mathematical models. Born in Pennsylvania, Bill’s education in physics and mathematics served as the foundation for the brilliance behind his development of the algorithm.

Bill’s sophisticated algorithm is the reason behind his enormous success as it almost accurately predicts horse racing results, netting Bill hundreds of millions annually. Utilized over the last decade, the algorithm has multiplied Bill’s net worth, placing him at just over 1 billion dollars.

This out-of-the-box approach should serve as a lesson to some that while the orthodox gambling approach works, another approach should be tried if tested and backed by data.

2) Kerry Packer- The Richest Gambler

Known for his ludicrous stakes even in periods of drawdown, Kerry Packer is nicknamed the richest man in the casino industry. This title, however, is possible through his family’s wealth, as their financial power allowed Kerry to take huge bets that made him millions.

Not ignoring his gambling skill, Kerry has shown considerable mental resilience, which has helped him attain huge success despite playing through long periods of drawdowns and losing millions of dollars.

Kerry’s net worth stands at 5 billion, and this feat should serve as a reminder to players that consistency, even in the face of losses, is one way to a successful gambling career.

3) Edward Thorp – The Card Counter Maestro

Known for creating the card counting strategy, Edward Thorp is another brilliant player who forged his name as an exceptional player in the gambling industry through statistical and mathematical approaches.

Being the mentor behind Benter’s brilliance, Edward made millions from his predictive analysis by defeating the house’s edge in blackjack. This brilliance was made more public through his 1962 published book ‘Beat the Dealer’, which has served as the foundation of success for established and beginner players.

With an estimated worth of 800 million dollars, Edward continues to inspire different generations of players. His ingenuity even extends to the stock markets, where he has also made a fortune from applying his mathematical models and shares this knowledge through another published book ‘Beat the Market.’

4) Tony Bloom – The Betting Consultant

Tony Bloom, nicknamed the lizard, is another betting tycoon who made a fortune from sports betting. Known for his avid love of soccer and math, Tony combined these two passions to strategically make money on bets placed in a variety of sports leagues far and wide.

Tony also has a number of successful investments in his repertoire, of which StarLizard and Brighton Hove Albion are the most famous. He exudes his excellent entrepreneurial skills by building these popular companies into the force they are today.

5) Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is one player who is deemed to be the Messi of the poker world.  The extensive trophy case that Phil Ivey possesses provides credence to the widespread belief that he is among the top poker players in the world.

With a net worth of 200 million dollars, Phil is more known for his World Poker Championship trophies and ten World Poker bracelets. He has cemented his position among the poker elite with a mix of his indisputable talent, tons of awards, and incredible profits.


Every casino player looks to make a fortune and a name for themselves in their journey. However, only a few reach this status quo. This necessitates the need for beginner and seasoned players to understudy the principles behind their success and emulate them.

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