The Largest New Zealand Lottery Winnings Ever

Kiwis are known as one of the most gambling nations, so it’s not surprising that the entertainment sector is well-developed in the country. Lotteries have always held a place of honour in risk seekers’ hearts. Therefore, they are fairly popular in New Zealand.

And what is every player’s dream? Of course, hitting the cash prize and maximising their winnings! Some think that becoming a millionaire overnight is impossible, and lotteries are just a way to make a person pay for a mystic victory. However, the stories below show that it’s just a misconception, as the lucky winners became richer really suddenly.

Lotto NZ and Gambling Landscape

First, let’s explore the industry in New Zealand – it’s legal in the country, and Kiwis are passionate risk hunters. According to statistics, around 80% of residents gamble in one way or another. Lotteries are the popular games of chance: New Zealanders spend around $1.5 billion annually on this entertainment.

The high accessibility of $1 deposit free spins in NZ has significantly impacted the popularity of gambling in the state, as gaming platforms have become more affordable for multiple users. Even though domestic online platforms are prohibited in NZ, local players can freely join overseas gaming websites and explore all their benefits.

It’s worth noting that a small initial investment doesn’t mean that the winning will also be low, as everyone has the chance to hit the highest cash prize!

Largest New Zealand Lottery Winnings Ever

The Biggest Lottery Wins Ever

Some people still don’t believe that winning the full match in lotteries and hitting the jackpot is impossible. However, this is just a misconception, as everyone now has the chance to become an instant millionaire.

We bet that the lucky winners from the stories above couldn’t even imagine what awaited them after the lotto ticket purchase – but these appeared the dreams-come-true outcomes!

$50m – Split Between Two Auchlanders in February 2020

2020 has become juicy for jackpots – and two lucky Powerball lottery fans shared the hottest of them. It was a draw, so the men split the main prize, receiving $25 million each. They both stated that the event became a life-changer for them, and they spent money on helping their families.

One of the winners mentioned that the sudden prize significantly improved his prospects, allowing him to arrange a better future for his kids.

Well, we agree that such a win would change everything for every ordinary person. Victorious tickets were purchased in Countdown Manukau City Mall and on the MyLotto app, which is another proof that luck can wait for players at every corner.

$50m – Split Between 10 Lucky Winners in August 2020

Another loud story occurred during Lotto Powerball. And again, the main prize reached $50 million. Ten people shared the jackpot this time, according to the prize division rules of Lotto, so each lucky Kiwi resident received $5m. Five lucky tickets were purchased in Auckland, while other gambling lovers spread across other New Zealand regions.

This inspiring story increases interest in lotteries in the country, showing that even one single ticket can bring unbelievable cash prizes.

$44,066,667 – a Couple Won a Fortune in November 2016

A young couple from Hibiscus Coast bought their lucky ticket in autumn 2016 – and suddenly appeared millionaires! Such a fantastic cash prize became a total surprise for the newly married couple, as they’ve been struggling to purchase their first house.

Undeniably, the $44 million jackpot resolved this problem! The lucky winners mentioned they’d been dreaming about a round-the-world trip, and the prize made it a reality.

$38m – Powerball Jackpot Split by Two Winners in October 2019

Two lucky women purchased their lottery tickets on the MyLotto app without knowing what awaited them when all the figures were set. Two women from Auckland shared a $38m cash prize, becoming millionaires in a matter of minutes! The 2019 Powerball was really fruitful in wins, as many other players also purchased the lucky tickets.

Of course, they cannot be compared to the amazing 19 million cash prizes. However, several lottery fans got over $140,000, which is profitable considering the ticket price.

$33m – Won by a Single Ticket in October 2013

One of the juiciest lottery wins occurred in 2013 when one player hit the entire jackpot. This victory is not similar to others, as the lucky man didn’t even check the numbers on his ticket immediately. He was driving to the gym when he heard that a winner purchased the lottery paper in the same shop he did.

However, he didn’t check the results until he finished the workout. Can you imagine the man’s emotions after understanding that he hit a $33 million prize? We cannot even suppose how happy he was!

The Final Word

Lotteries are the Kiwis’ passion, and this game will hardly lose popularity in the following years. Even those skeptical about the winning potential can change their minds about reading inspiring stories about loud victories.

The country’s gambling landscape encompasses a variety of activities, including casinos, lotteries and sports betting. The legal age to enter a casino in NZ is 20, while the age requirement for lotteries is 18.  Lotto NZ operates as the sole provider of lottery games in New Zealand, adhering to strict regulatory oversight to ensure fair play and responsible gaming practices.

Lotto is a game of chance, so everyone can purchase a lucky ticket! Moreover, this entertainment is now accessible online, and jackpots in virtual gaming establishments can appear even more impressive.

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