10 Largest Puzzle Games You Can Play on Your Phone

Have you ever felt foggy? Do you feel unsettled when you can’t make a decision properly? You can’t make decisions at the right moment. It happens when your mind is in a never-ending loop of hectic work. What can we do to keep our minds sharp? Is there a way to get your mind off such daily things and refresh? Well, yes, there is! Play puzzle games to think things differently and enjoy the mental benefits. Worry not, as we have prepared the right list of puzzle games to play on your smartphone. Jump on the bandwagon, and let’s start your fun-time journey with challenging levels of puzzles to solve.

1. Block Puzzle

You were so fascinated to play block puzzles when we were young. The gifts came flocking in on special days with at least one or two block puzzle games. Get back on the saddle of your childhood memories and download a block puzzle game to play. This game is quite simple. It has a block section at the bottom of your screen. Three blocks of the same or different shapes will appear. You must set the blocks on an empty square board. When you complete setting three blocks, three new ones will appear. With those blocks, you will make vertical and horizontal lines. Completing more than one line will add a bonus score. Try to complete a challenge by achieving a score. You can also play block puzzle for money and win cash rewards by completing such challenging levels.

2. Sudoku

Sudoku is the favorite of millions of people. It gives the fodder to think differently and apply your mathematics skills to put numbers on a 9×9 square block. The game is pretty simple but exciting to play. You will find nine square blocks stacked on one another to form a big square block. There are nine squares in each small block, both horizontally and vertically. You aim to put numbers from 1 to 9 in those lines so they don’t repeat in any of the small square blocks. Simple, right? Start with the easy levels and proceed to the higher ones when you master the skill.

3. Crosswords

Crosswords are probably the oldest puzzle games that test your language knowledge. There are clues to follow, and fill in the blanks with the correct letters to form a word. Start with an easy one and complete one level after the other. Read the clues in the game and frame words. So, put your thinking cap on Sherlock and read between the lines to complete a crossword puzzle.

4. Minesweeper

Another old-time classic, Minesweeper, is a favorite of puzzle lovers. This game offers a square minefield where mines are hidden. You must carefully click on a tile to expose a mine and take clues to expose the rest. If you take one wrong step, all the mines will explode, and you will have to start over. 

5. Bubble shooter

Another classic arcade game that boggles your mind with colored bubbles and a shooter is the bubble shooter. This game takes you back to the good old days when you shot a stack with one colored bubble to pop the same colored bubbles. You can do the same on an app. Focus your shooter and use the walls to reflect your bubble to pop the rest. Complete a level before the bubbles touch your baseline. 

6. Wood block puzzle

Wood block puzzle is somewhat different from the rest. You will get all the blocks on a square board. All the blocks are rectangular or square in shape. Only one block is different in color. Your aim is to remove all the obstacles and clear the colored block out of the square board. There is only one exit! Remember, these blocks have restricted space to move. Hence, you must move all the blocks smartly to free the colored block. Cross challenging levels and keep your mind sharp.

7. Tetris

Tetris is one of the ragingly-popular games we play on video games at home. It is very simple yet quite challenging to make a top score. It is a never-ending game where blocks of different shapes drop from above. You can rotate the blocks and put them to complete lines. Complete multiple lines at the same time to score combo points. When the blocks touch the top, the game is over! This classic arcade game has now been transformed into something fascinating. New themes, color palettes, engaging sounds, and animations make it more interesting to take the edge off.

8. Join the dots

This is a new puzzle game compared to the ones we discussed. Here, you will find colorful dots arranged in different shapes. Your aim is to connect the same-colored dots with straight lines. Make sure the colored lines don’t intersect each other. Connect all the dots by drawing lines and proceed to the next, more challenging level. It sounds simple, but you need skills to find the right way to connect all of them. 

9. Tile-matching game

Match tiles and watch them vanish, revealing the tiles below. This game has a fascinating theme where tiles are hidden under other tiles. Check the shapes, sizes, and symbols on the tiles to find their perfect matches. It takes patience and observation skills to complete the challenging levels. This game is made more interesting with colors, themes, and audiovisual elements.

10. Parking lot

As the name suggests, you will be hired as a mastermind to de-clutter a parking lot fiasco. Every level has cars parked in a parking lot. You aim to remove one car at a time by looking for free space to move. This way, all the cars out of the parking lot are removed, and points are scored. Solve challenging levels and enjoy your heightened confidence as a parking lot specialist.

Choose the Best Puzzle Game and Earn Money

Check this list of puzzle games and find out which ones are suitable to play. Select a game that offers mind-twisting challenges and cash rewards for solving them. Stay afresh by playing these games and relax your mind. Use your problem-solving skills to take your mind off the monotony and enjoy your free time.

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