5 Best & Largest Byways in Louisiana

Louisiana is a beautiful state; you should see it with your eyes, even if you live on the other side. The best way to do this is to travel by car. This option will allow you to quickly travel around the most popular places and see many interesting sights. It is best not to rent vehicles suitable for travel but to purchase them at online auctions where you can find salvage cars for sale. This option will provide an opportunity to save money and make the trip less expensive. We offer you the five best driving routes that will appeal to everyone and allow you to avoid long periods of sitting in traffic jams.

1) San Bernardo Byway

A road trip through Louisiana will be memorable if you choose the San Bernardo Byway. This road begins near New Orleans and extends to the small village of Shell-Beach. The route is far from the most popular among locals, so you can drive calmly and explore the local attractions. Along its 36 miles, you’ll experience beautiful natural landscapes interspersed with historically significant landmarks. You can enjoy their beauty with a short stop and get some memorable photos. Also, on the way, you will find shops and restaurants, the Islenos Museum, and the fishing village of Shell-Beach. In the latter, you can even watch local fishermen at work and taste dishes made from the seafood they have just caught.

2) Bayou Teche Byway

You’ll make great memories by driving along the Bayou Teche Byway while traveling in Louisiana. This famous road is 183 miles long. It runs along the Bayou Teche River and through cities such as Franklin, Baldwin, Jeanerette, New Iberia, and St. Martinville. Gradually moving along, you will admire the local landscapes, sugar cane fields, and historic residential areas. You will know the local culture better and see some sights by visiting each locality. There are quite a lot of Cajuns living in these areas. Thanks to this, you will have the opportunity to try their unique dishes and understand the uniqueness of Cajun cuisine.

3) Toledo Bend Forest Byway

A road trip along the Toledo Bend Forest Byway will be an essential event in your life and will be remembered for a long time. This off-road road is located in western Louisiana, near the Texas border. It is 78 miles long, most of which you will drive along one of the largest artificial lakes in the southern United States, Toledo Bend. On the way, you will meet forests rich in flora and fauna. Some of them belong to the territory of local reserves and national parks, so be careful and try not to harm nature during your stops. As you get closer to the route’s endpoint, you will find several wonderful picnic and fishing spots along the road. Also, throughout your trip, do not forget to visit local cafes and restaurants. There, you can try a variety of rustic meat and seafood dishes.

4) Longleaf Trail Byway

When driving through central Louisiana, you should detour to the Longleaf Trail Byway. At just 17 miles, this short drive will provide much fun and make for one of the best trips ever. It is located in the Kisatchie National Forest, between Alexandria and Natchitoches. The road is laid among dense vegetation, which creates a beautiful view and makes it possible to get the most out of the trip. Along the 17 miles, you’ll find plenty of picnic spots. Almost each of them will give you access to beautiful natural landscapes, against which you can take many good photographs. There are also several tent camps in these areas. Therefore, if you want a vacation away from civilization, we recommend stopping and extending your trip for at least a few days. If you still prefer comfort, Alexandria and Natchitoches have everything you need for rest.

5) Tunica Trace Byway

When embarking on a road trip through eastern Louisiana, take the Tunica Trace Byway. This 20-mile route runs along the Mississippi border and connects the cities of Angola and St. Francisville. After driving along it, you can see forests surrounded by greenery, majestic hills and other natural objects. If you go on a trip in spring or summer, you will also be able to see many flowers along the road. Once you reach Angola, you will have the opportunity to visit the local museum. Its exhibits are dedicated to the region’s history, culture, and residents’ traditions. Drive a few more miles and reach the small Lake Killarney. Its banks are an ideal place for an outdoor picnic. For an overnight stay, it is better to choose St. Francisville. It’s located at the opposite end of the route, but it won’t take long. There are many hotels in the city where you can recharge your batteries before your next day of traveling in Louisiana.

Driving through Louisiana is the best way to see incredible natural beauty, visit popular destinations, and find famous landmarks in the state. Once you get behind the wheel and take one of the routes we describe, you will get maximum pleasure and remember this trip as one of the best adventures of your life.

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