Top 5 Largest USA Auto Transport Companies

Auto transport companies come in all shapes and sizes. But who are the top 5 largest USA auto transport companies?

Today we’re going to go into detail on the top 5 largest USA auto transport companies, what they’re known for and some downsides to watch out for.

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1) A1 Auto Transport

Renowned for its extensive range of services and remarkable performance, A1 Auto Transport has been an industry pioneer in car transportation. Established in 1988, the company has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and a proven track record of offering first-rate transportation solutions for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, boats, and luxury vehicles.

A1 Auto Transport stands out from the competition because of its dedication to its customers and their convenience. With the company’s door-to-door pick-up and delivery services, clients can say goodbye to the headache of depot visits and hello to a stress-free relocation. To top it all off, they have comprehensive insurance that protects customers’ vehicles and themselves during transportation, so they can rest easy.

Key benefits of working with A1 Auto Transport.

  • Ensuring comprehensive transportation solutions through versatile handling of numerous vehicle kinds.
  • Deliveries and pickups are made easy with the door-to-door service.
  • Rest assured that their comprehensive insurance policy protects both your vehicle and yourself.
  • Prioritizing timely delivery through a network of carriers guarantees on-time delivery.
  • Various transportation needs can be effectively met with customized shipping solutions.
  • Reliability is demonstrated by decades of experience, having successfully transported over half a million cargo worldwide.
  • The shipping demands that span continents are met by our global network and expertise.

A1 Auto Transport has incredible vehicle shipping solutions for all types of vehicles be it SUVs, boats, motorcycles, or exotic sports cars. They offer custom solutions catering to your unique needs check out their services at

2) Montway Auto Transport

The Chicago-based auto transport company Montway has been in business for over ten years. Their fast deliveries and excellent service are the reasons why people appreciate them. From vintage cars to motorbikes and even yachts, they handle them all with ease.

Here are the things Montway Auto Transport can do:

  • Transportation possibilities using both open and covered vehicles
  • Fast delivery options
  • Delivery of vehicles to customers’ doors
  • Service provision from terminals to terminals
  • Peace of mind with guaranteed arrival dates

3) AmeriFreight Auto Transport

The Georgia-based AmeriFreight has been involved in the vehicle shipping industry for over ten years. Their great customer service and affordable rates make them popular. One of the most amazing aspects about AmeriFreight is… Discounts are available for members of the armed forces, students, and the elderly.

Here are the things AmeriFreight can do:

  • They have carriers available, both open and enclosed, to transport your vehicle.
  • Would you like it delivered instantly? Fast shipping is available from them.
  • Are you looking for a service that will bring your car to your door? In other words, they go door-to-door.
  • They can also provide terminal-to-terminal service if that’s more to your liking.
  • They promise that your vehicle will arrive undamaged, which is the best part.

4) Sherpa Auto Transport

Standing out from the competition, Utah-based Sherpa Auto Transport provides transparent pricing and exceptional customer service. The “Price Lock Promise” is a neat feature that ensures the initial agreed-upon price remains in effect throughout the entire process. In addition, a complimentary car wash is included when your vehicle is delivered!

  • Discover the services offered by Sherpa Auto Transport:
  • Your vehicle will be delivered directly to your door.
  • They can accommodate both open and enclosed travel options.
  • Do you require its prompt arrival? Fast delivery is an option.
  • You won’t have to wait around because they guarantee a specified pick-up date.
  • the finest aspect is, your vehicle will be delivered in pristine condition, as they promise.

5) Ship a Car Direct

The unique “Custom Quote” feature sets the California-based Ship a Car Direct apart from the competition, letting clients personalize shipping selections to meet their unique requirements. Their stringent carrier screening process is something they’re quite proud of, since it guarantees that only the best carriers handle the transport of vehicles.

Here’s a glance at Ship a Car Direct’s services:

  • They can accommodate your preference for either open or enclosed transport.
  • For your extra convenience, they will even deliver your automobile to your door.
  • Their promise to you is that your car will arrive in perfect condition.
  • Get it exactly as you want it with flexible shipping options.
  • Use their tracking feature to monitor the progress of your package in real time.

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