7 Biggest Free Workout Apps on the App Store

In 2024, the world of men’s fitness is in the spotlight in a big way. After heavy lifting in the gym came back into focus in 2023 following a long bout of “workout from home” exercise, this year has some interesting emerging trends to contend with. 

Men’s fitness is increasingly shifting towards a focus on wellness culture. Apps like Flex, Nike Training Club, and ClassPass are all offering innovative fitness experiences with new ways for men to work out and connect through shared fitness goals. Technologies and trends in the fitness industry are disrupting status-quo workouts, giving men who want to improve their fitness an endless world of options to explore. 

With these trends in mind, take a look at the biggest free workout apps which are dominating the market. 

1) Flex 

There are a lot of new fitness apps coming to market with innovative features. Our favorite was Flex. This all-in-one platform effectively becomes your new gym notebook, where you can track all your personal bests and weight plate measurements for more effective workouts. 

Like Duolingo has done for digital language learning, apps like Flex, with a focus on AI features, are making a case for gamification in the workout niche. 

One of the main difficulties with getting fitness app users interested in workout tracking is consistency. Flex is one of the best apps on the market for an interactive workout experience. 

The social and interactive features of the app are one of the standout elements that Flex has on offer. Although this app is designed with weightlifters in mind, there’s something for everyone. If you’ve embraced calisthenics workouts or the mobility training craze, you can opt for weight-free workouts too. 

Flex allows men to turn their fitness journeys into a worldwide competition. You can recruit friends or duke it out with users around the world.

Flex also offers a leaderboard feature. This option allows users to assess their progress compared to other app users at the same fitness level to get a good analysis of their progress. 

Focused on habit-building and creating a total-fitness mindset, the app has users coming back geared up each day and ready to compete. Whether that’s against other users, or just the person they were yesterday. 

You can find Flex through the Apple app store. 

At $4.99 per month or $59.99 yearly, Flex is one of the most affordable long-term commitments you can make to your fitness. Because of the innovative features at an affordable price, we would consider Flex our top pick for the best workout app for men this year. 

2) Centr by Chris Hemsworth 

If celebrity workouts are your thing, Thor himself has created a digital workout platform to test your mettle. 

Centr offers features like a personalized workout plan, and a made-for-you shopping list to give you a superhero diet and offers load and rep tracking for custom workouts. 

This app is free for an initial 7-day trial. After that, downloading Centr through the app store costs $29.99 a month. 

Inspired by Hemsworth’s journey with personal health and fitness, Centr is a simple way for guys to start transforming their health habits for a more balanced lifestyle. 

3) Nike Training Club

For guys who are pack animals rather than lone wolves, the class-style workouts from Nike Training Club may be an ideal option. 

Many people find social environments conducive to more focused workouts. If the atmosphere of being in a class is a driving factor for you, Nike Training Club is one of the best free men’s fitness apps worth exploring. 

4) Caliber

This app is geared towards strength training enthusiasts and offers straightforward workouts with step-by-step instructions. 

For newbies, this is a solid option to get the basics of nutrition and fitness. Video instructions help make Caliber an accessible workout platform. 

The price ranges from free for the basic version to an affordable $19 per month for its group coaching sessions through the app store

5) Future

If you’ve made a big goal this year, but need a little bit of a push to hit it, Future is a solid choice for those with some weightlifting experience. 

The app lets you work with accredited coaches. Through video calls, they can assess your fitness level, history, any athletics injuries, and personal goals and help guide users through a personalized workout plan. 

This app offers one month free for new users. Although Future is a good choice to download from the app store if you need a motivation boost, it’s one of the most expensive options once your free trial runs out. At $149 per month, Future is comparable to what you’d pay for personal training at many commercial gyms. 

But if you’re looking for more bang for your buck, you might want to think more seriously about investing in one of the more cost-effective options on the list. 

6) ClassPass

For men who are interested in hopping on the mobility train with classes like yoga and Pilates or even exploring martial arts and other group fitness exercises, ClassPass is a strong contender for an app that lets you try a bit of everything. 

Through this app, you can book studio classes ranging in everything from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to boxing to rowing at local spots in your community. 

If you’re adventurous and like to try a variety of activities before you buy, the app offers a one-month free trial for new users. 

After that, the ClassPass app operates on a credit-based system, where you have a monthly credit allowance to put toward classes of your choice. 

7) Strava

Old stalwart Strava still holds up if you’ve embraced the power of outdoor workouts. For guys hoping to shed a few pounds, getting active through running and cycling are fantastic options for weight loss. 

Strava lets you track your route while building a social community. You can view courses that other athletes have completed and even try famous running or cycling trails like the Tour de France course. 

Strava offers a one-month free trial for new users. The Strava app recently increased its premium pricing from $59.99 to $79.99 per year for those who are comfortable investing a bit more into their fitness journeys. 

From wearables to mindful exercise, these trends are shaking up the game and can set your exercise journey on the right course. Here are a few ways men are beginning to change the way we practice sports and exercise in 2024. 

New Movements in the Fitness World

Although young guys still tend to spend a lot of time in the weight room, a few new movements in the fitness world have been cropping up. 

Buddy System

With reports from Men’s Health, the New York Times, and more covering the proliferation of male loneliness, this year is as good a time as any to make your workouts count as a session to bond with your boys. 

Men aren’t known for being as open as women when it comes to talking to one another. A fitness class with a group of like-minded men or a simple long run with a buddy can be good chances to unload a bit and talk it out while getting fit. 

Bonding over a shared interest like fitness is a great way for guys to build up their communities. If you’re interested in group fitness, it’s a great way to meet new people for everything from Friday night hangouts to career connections. 

Expanding your social circle while you work out is likely to make you feel less lonely. Not only this, but you can introduce an element of friendly competition if you’re motivated to join a sports league or group fitness class.  

Stress Reduction and Mental Health 

The American College of Sports Medicine recently released its list of top fitness trends for 2024 and one key standout was workouts for mental health. 

Some guys love intense pressure and a competitive spirit in their workouts. But as men’s mental health is increasingly thrust into the spotlight, many guys are finally speaking out about the challenges they’re facing. 

Workouts and sports can be a great resource when it comes to managing your mental health and emotions. Although it’s always important to get help when you need it, if you simply want more balance or positive habits in your life, a good workout each day can be one of the best ways to keep you on track. 

Keeping tabs on your workout quality with an app to measure your progress may also be beneficial for your mental health. If you’re someone who’s motivated by data and numbers, seeing the daily gains or improvements that you make may be one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. 

Cardio Makes a Comeback

It may not be popular for some guys to take a few hours out of the day for a long run or bike ride.

But with warmer seasonal average temperatures hitting the globe, many more workout enthusiasts are taking to the streets, trails, or parks for outdoor workouts. 

Running, cycling, roller skating, and other forms of fun, outdoor steady-state cardio workouts are on the uptick this year. 

Longer aerobic workouts are beneficial for your respiratory and cardiovascular health. Getting your heart rate up during exercise may help improve your heart health and reduce risks like high blood pressure or diabetes. 

Pilates, Calisthenics and Yoga Prioritize Bodyweight Movement

Despite their reputation in women’s fitness, yoga and pilates classes are making their mark for men this year as well. 

Guys around the globe have learned the benefits of mobility and mindfulness that they can get from yoga or pilates training. 

These workouts focus on training the core and building stability in postures that challenge the body in a different way than strength training with weights.

If you’re not mad about mindfulness, calisthenics workouts offer a similar type of bodyweight training where you put your strength to the test with weight-free total body exercises. 

Gamification is Still a Key Player

Apps and technologies with gameplay elements will continue to drive innovation in the digital fitness sphere. 

Interactive models show no signs of slowing down as we hit the first quarter of 2024. Features that turn even the toughest workouts into a game have significantly improved user experience on fitness apps. 

Competitive elements like leaderboard rankings and social capabilities that include photo sharing or building workouts to share or go head-to-head with your friends are key components of what keep fitness enthusiasts glued to popular apps. 

Fit Futures

Whether you’re locked in on long-distance workouts or exploring the wide world of mindfulness and mobility through Pilates and yoga, these trends are poised to stay through 2024 and beyond. 

For men who are serious about getting goal-oriented this year, using a fitness tracker app can be one of the best ways to fast-track or maintain your progress. 

Using capabilities like plate tracking and tailored workouts can help you stay on track every time you hit the gym. 

The best free workout apps for men show that innovation is the best recipe for staying healthy this year. 

By embracing trends like mobility and endurance sports, guys get an alternative if they want to take a break from the weight rack. That being said, weightlifting is pretty much a must if you want to build muscle. 

Innovative apps that leverage AI tools to learn and improve your weight training routines also prove that they’re at the forefront of fitness this year, ushering in a new wave of optimized exercise.

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