11 Largest Hospitals in the United States

Medical education and care have been an important part of human life since the dawn of civilization. Medical centers provide essential health care to people in need, and often provide teaching and learning opportunities in order to educate the next generation of medical professionals.

In this list, these 11 largest hospitals in the United States will be organized by size according to the number of hospital beds that can accept patients. Although square feet is a useful measurement as well, the value of a hospital ultimately lies in how many patients it can take in.

  1. Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital

Number of Beds: 1,256 beds
Primary Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Year Founded: 1908
Unique Attraction: J. Scott Davison

Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital
Source: wikimedia.org

With many of its clinical programs ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, the Indiana University Health network offers excellent service to its patients. It is also a teaching hospital, striving to expand medical expertise with its three-year Residency Program.

Did You Know?

The IU Health Methodist Hospital was the top ranked hospital in the country according to the University Health Consortium in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

  1. AdventHealth Orlando

Number of Beds: 1,368 beds
Primary Location: Altamonte Springs, Florida
Year Founded: 1908
Unique Attraction: Daryl Tol

AdventHealth Orlando
Source: wikimedia.org

Formerly known as Florida Hospital Orlando, AdventHealth Orlando strives to provide excellent health care interwoven with strong Christian beliefs. Alongside the name change, AdventHealth introduced their Center for Genomic Health, which aims to use patients’ DNA samples to determine their genetic risks and predispositions. AdventHealth hopes to pave the way to a better future by using Genomics in order to catch patients’ risks early and predict how they’ll handle certain medications.

Did You Know?

AdventHealth Orlando is the oldest Seventh-day Adventist Hospital in the state of Florida.

  1. Methodist University Hospital

Number of Beds: 1,383 beds
Primary Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Year Founded: 1918
Unique Attraction: Jeffrey H. Liebman

Methodist University Hospital
Source: methodisthealth.org

The Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare system is nationally ranked in 8 pediatric specialties and is very highly regarded. The Methodist University Hospital is considered to be the largest, most comprehensive hospital in the Methodist Healthcare system. It is also the primary teaching hospital for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Did You Know?

The Methodist Hospitals originally did not have their own ambulance system, instead relying on funeral homes’ ambulance services to get patients to emergency care.

  1. The Cleveland Clinic

Number of Beds: 1,440 beds
Primary Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Year Founded: 1921
Unique Attraction: Tomislav Mihaljevic

The Cleveland Clinic
Source: wikimedia.org

While the Cleveland Clinic is generally well regarded, a recent scandal may have tarnished its reputation. The former director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, Daniel Neides, wrote an embarrassing and controversial anti-vaccine column that the clinic denounced immediately. While the Cleveland Clinic expressed strong opinions in favor of vaccinating children, the whole ordeal drew unfavorable attention to their acceptance of pseudoscience.

Did You Know?

With a long-standing reputation for innovative care, the Cleveland Clinic has been rated America’s number one heart hospital for 21 consecutive years.

  1. Baptist Medical Center

Number of Beds: 1,487 beds
Primary Location: San Antonio, Texas
Year Founded: 1924
Unique Attraction: Matthew Stone

Baptist Medical Center
Source: wikimedia.org

A leading provider of cardiovascular, orthopedic, and endocrine care, the Baptist Medical Center strives to provide well-rounded, cutting-edge service to all of its patients. US News & World Report has ranked Baptist Medical Center number 1 in San Antonio in its “Best Hospitals” edition.

Did You Know?

The Baptist Health System is the fourth largest civilian employer in San Antonio. It also has one of the busiest ER’s in San Antonio, with a volume of over 3600 patients per month.

  1. Montefiore Medical Center

Number of Beds: 1,491 beds
Primary Location: Bronx, New York
Year Founded: 1884
Unique Attraction: Steven M. Safyer

Montefiore Medical Center
Source: wikimedia.org

The Montefiore Medical Center is rated as high-performing, and is ranked among the top hospitals, both nationally and regionally, by U.S. News & World Report. This medical center is committed to providing assistance to those who need it regardless of location, and provides services such as Primary Care at Home programs and mobile medical care.

Did You Know?

The pediatric Emergency Department at the Montefiore Children’s Hospital treats approximately 50,000 patients every year.

  1. Orlando Regional Medical Center

Number of Beds: 1,579 beds
Primary Location: Orlando, Florida
Year Founded: 1918
Unique Attraction: David Strong

Orlando Regional Medical Center
Source: wikimedia.org

The Orlando Regional Medical Center is home to the only Level One Trauma Center in Central Florida. It was formerly known as the Orange Memorial Hospital, and was designated one of Florida’s first teaching hospitals by the American Medical Association.

Did You Know?

The Cancer Support Community at the Orlando Regional Medical Center utilizes approaches like Music Therapy to raise the morale and reduce the stress of patients who are battling cancer.

  1. Methodist Hospital

Number of Beds: 1,589 beds
Primary Location: San Antonio, Texas
Year Founded: 1963
Unique Attraction: Marc L. Boom

Methodist Hospital
Source: wikimedia.org

Methodist Hospital was first chartered in 1955, making it the first hospital to open in the South Texas Medical Center. This hospital maintains a strong, Christian faith-based mission statement and boasts some of the best doctors in San Antonio.

Did You Know?

San Antonio’s Methodist Hospital is highly acclaimed for its outstanding neurology, orthopedics, and bone marrow transplants. This hospital performs more back and neck surgeries each year than any other hospital in Texas.

  1. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Number of Beds: 2,600 beds
Primary Location: New York City, NY
Year Founded: 1998
Unique Attraction: Steven J. Corwin

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Source: wikimedia.org

The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is is a non-profit university hospital in New York City. It is affiliated with both Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medical College. Renowned as one of the best academic medical centers, this establishment conducts groundbreaking research and strives to provide the best in patient care.

Did You Know?

According to the U.S. News and World Report annual survey of “Best Hospitals,” NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is ranked number one in New York.

  1. Jackson Memorial Hospital

Number of Beds: 5,266 beds
Primary Location: Miami, Florida
Year Founded: 1918
Unique Attraction: Carlos A. Migoya

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Source: flickr.com

This notable hospital is the main teaching hospital of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. Jackson Memorial and the University of Miami are separate institutions, but share a large number of services and programs. The staff of both institutions pride themselves on keeping up with the latest information and practices.

Did You Know?

The Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami is ranked the number one hospital in South Florida.

  1. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Number of Beds: 8,000 beds
Primary Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Year Founded: 1893
Unique Attraction: Jeffrey A. Romoff

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Source: wikimedia.org

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center  is the largest hospital in the United States by number of beds. The UPMC is an integrated global nonprofit health enterprise that employs around 85,000 people. This makes it the largest non-governmental employer in the state of Pennsylvania.

Did You Know?

UPMC Presbyterian, the historic and academic center of UPMC, is attached to the main building of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. It provides a wide variety of graduate programs to students.

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