6 Largest Animals In China

A megadiverse nation that is home to an abundance of wildlife, more people are venturing to China to see an array of animals in the flesh. The Asian state is filled with just under 5000 species of fish, hundreds of bird species, over 560 mammals, and many more wonderful animals. For animal lovers, it’s a nation full of fascinating creatures.

Sadly, though, China is also home to 840 endangered species due to us humans. From pollution to poaching, some of the largest animals in the country are facing extinction. These animals are adored around the world, but they face a bleak future as things currently stand. Many of these much-loved beasts also make up some of China’s largest animals. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of them below.

1) Asian elephant

Although Asian elephants aren’t as big as their African counterparts, they’re still the biggest terrestrial animal on the continent of Asia. Also found in other nations in that part of the world, this delightful species is endangered after their numbers have fallen by over 50% in the last 70 years. A depressing scenario, these gorgeous creatures are usually found in protected areas, such as Pu’er and Xishuangbanna Prefectures. Big in size and in personality, sadly, there are only around 250 wild elephants left in the whole of China.

2) Chinese giant salamanders

Despite there being larger animals in the country, when it comes to amphibians, they don’t come much bigger than Chinese giant salamanders. Although they aren’t actually reptiles, they certainly look like them. These giant lizard-like creatures can live on land and survive in water while also having the capability to live more than 60 years. Many of them also reach sizes of almost 2 meters and can weigh as heavy as 130 pounds. Yet another species that faces extinction in the country can be found all over China.

3) Giant panda

The world-famous giant panda is a truly stunning creature. As seen in movies like Kung Fu Panda and in games like Fat Panda by Pragmatic Play, these loveable creatures are big in size and certainly live up to their name. Giant pandas are usually found deep in the forests of southwestern China, although their population is dwindling. From Gansu to Shaanxi Provinces, these unmistakable animals are usually found high up in the mountains and are a sight to behold, given their sheer size.

4) Pink dolphin

When assessing the underwater world in China, pink dolphins are some of the biggest creatures occupying its waters. Known as the Chinese white dolphin by the country’s population, these stunning-looking dolphins have an instantly recognizable pink color and a hump on their dorsal fin. Usually found in the Eastern part of the country, they tend to avoid humans as they search for food.

5) Chinese alligator

Although the Chinese alligator is one of the smaller breeds of alligators on this glorious planet of ours, it’s China’s largest alligator, which is typically found in rivers throughout the nation. With a stocky body and rough scales, they’re easy to distinguish, although finding one is tough given their decline in numbers. The Yangtze River is the place to go if you want to see them, though, but even then, it isn’t guaranteed.

6) Siberian tigers


An animal that so many tourists are desperate to witness in the flesh, Siberian tigers are famous all around the world. The biggest of the big cats, they’ve fought back against extinction to grow their army. Nowadays, populations have increased in the wild thanks to breeding efforts by the likes of Harbin Siberian Tiger Park, a place where thousands of Siberian tigers are being looked after.

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