4 Heaviest and Fattest Fruits Ever Grown

All around the world, people grow a variety of fruits that enables them to eat the good stuff straight from their gardens. In fact, for over 10,000 years, us humans have been selectively growing a variety of crops given the taste sensations and health benefits they provide. In the modern environment, some growers are even producing massive fruits that have entered the record books.

Fruit is adored everywhere. People eat fruit salads for breakfast, and an apple or a banana is a common snack people consume, while some cook fruit-based dishes on a regular basis, wear clothes with a fruity design, and even dabble in games like Fruit Party by Pragmatic Play, a smash-hit release filled with a blend of various fruits. As such, it’s hardly surprising that the world’s population of fruit lovers also contains growers who attempt to create the heaviest and fattest fruits ever recorded.

These gigantic fruits have certainly managed to hog the limelight. Let’s take a look at a selection of them below.

1) The heaviest mango weighs more than a newborn baby

An edible stone fruit that is adored in a number of foreign territories, mangoes are wonderful fruits to munch on. It’s in Colombia, though, where the heaviest-ever mango was recorded. Grown in Guyata, it weighed heavier than a newborn baby and beat a previous record that hadn’t been broken for over ten years. Weighing 4.25 kg (9.36 lb), the massive mango made the news at the time and still holds the record today.

2) The worlds largest strawberry is over 20 times heavier

From being high in vitamins and fiber to offering a refreshing taste sensation that is welcomed on a hot summer’s day, strawberries are delightful miniature treats. The biggest strawberry in the world, though, is over 20 times heavier than an average strawberry. Grown in 2021 in Israel, the record-breaking creation was grown after fusing smaller strawberries together to create a humongous strawberry that has captured the headlines. Whether or not the substantial strawberry delivers in taste is unknown, but it surely does. Given its sheer size, it’s certainly an impressive strawberry.

3) Chris Kent is clearly proud of his gigantic watermelon

Watermelon is yet another fruit that is consumed in a number of nations on Earth. They say that everything is large in America, though, and that’s exactly what Chris Kent managed to achieve with a bigger-than-usual watermelon that was produced thanks to his very own seeds that were collected from past grows. The final result was mightily impressive, with his watermelon weighing a staggering 159 kg (350.5 lb), making it 15 times heavier than an average watermelon that we can all purchase from a grocery store. What makes it even more magnificent is that Chris Kent also held the previous record, but his latest watermelon beat it in 2013.

4) The Atlantic giant pumpkin can reach massive sizes


Although many people would regard the aforementioned watermelon as the largest fruit around, pumpkins actually tend to be. Additionally, people wrongly assume that pumpkins aren’t actually fruits either, with them often regarded as vegetables. The Atlantic giant pumpkin is most definitely an orange fruit, though, and it can reach absolutely massive sizes. The biggest ever recorded is a creation from 2021 by a passionate Italian grower called Stefano Cutrupi. Stefano’s attempt was absolutely nailed, with his huge pumpkin weighing around 1,226 kg (2,702 lb 13.9 oz). This remarkable pumpkin was also heavier than certain cars and weighed over 100 times heavier than a regular pumpkin that people typically consume. Stefano Cutrupi clearly knew what he was doing, and the result was impressive.

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