8 Largest Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons are huge, strong cats from Maine. They are intelligent, sociable, and playful. Their huge, bushy tail, long hair, and powerful, athletic frame distinguish them.

The stature is impressive. One of the biggest domestic cat breeds, males may reach 18 pounds and females 16 pounds. Their long, silky hair makes them seem wild and significant. Regular brushing prevents matting and tangling in this hair.

They are lively and playful. They love humans and are perfect for families with kids. They are smart and like fetch and tricks. They are also affectionate. They make ideal companion cats for dogs.

Early New England immigrants imported wild and domestic cats to propagate the breed. As excellent mousers, farmers liked them too. As a result, Maine Coon cats are tough and healthy. However, due to their size, they may become obese if not adequately exercised and fed.

Maine Coon cats are distinctive, caring pets for families and individuals. Cat enthusiasts will adore their warm personalities, lively attitude, and unique looks. With this, here are the 8 largest Maine Coon cats in 2023.

  1. Moonwalk Magnum

Dimensions: Approx. 36 inches
Age: Unknown 
Color: Tuxedo
Location: Chaillé-les-Marais, France

Moonwalk Magnum Source: Chatterie Moonwalk

Moonwalk Magnum is a grey and white Maine Coon born in Chaillé-les-Marais, France. He now lives in France. He is one of the biggest cats in Europe, weighing up to 28 pounds and making him one of the heaviest. His owners noted his enormous stature. He had exceeded the usual Maine Coon’s length by the time he was completely grown, about three feet.

He became an online celebrity when cat enthusiasts worldwide noticed his enormous size and attractive features.

Did You Know?

Moonwalk Magnum is a Maine Coon cat famous for his size and looks. Maine Coons have long, fluffy coats and “lynx-like” ears. Moonwalk Magnum is four feet long from snout to tail.

  1. Lotus

Dimensions: 40 inches and 22 pounds (unverified)
Age: 5 years old
Color: White
Location: Sweden

Lotus Source: Kitten Cat Post

Lotus is a stunning tabby Maine Coon that hails all the way from Sweden. Because he weighs 22 pounds, he is, without a doubt, one of the biggest cats in the world.

Any person who loves cats would be lucky to have her as a pet, thanks to the fact that he is intelligent and very loving. If you are seeking a trustworthy and affectionate feline friend, a Maine Coon like Lotus is an excellent option to consider.

Did You Know?

Lotus is a magnificent and placid feline that has won the favor and affection of many people who like cats.

  1. Samson

Dimensions: 40 inches and 28 pounds (unverified)
Age: 10 years old (+)
Color: Brown Tuxedo
Location: Miami, Florida

Samson Source: Today

Samson, who is over 3 feet in length and weighs 28 pounds, is often regarded as the biggest domestic cat that can be found in the United States.

Samson was a Maine Coon cat that dominated social media with approximately 250,000 followers across various platforms. He was a behemoth of fur and paws with a golden heart He was a behemoth of hair and paws.

Fans adored him because he was an incredible specimen of a cat and because he understood how to live life to the fullest. So it’s no surprise that he was cherished by so many people, given his adorable expression and endearing grin of a cat.

Did You Know?

Unfortunately, Samson passed away in September 2022 due to a botched procedure at the veterinarian.

  1. Cygnus

Dimensions: 45 inches (unverified)
Age: 2 years old (+)
Color: Silver
Location: Ferndale, Michigan

Cygnus Source: Guinness World Records

Cygnus Regulus Powers, a Maine Coon, was raised in Detroit by humans, along with his three feline siblings. He was the owner of the record for the longest tail on a domestic cat. However, having a tail that is 17.58 inches in length presents its owner with a unique set of problems.

Cygnus has made it into the new Guinness World Record pages as the feline with the longest tail on a domestic cat.

His owners claim that the bird accidentally sticks it in objects since Cygnus’s tail is so far away from his body.

Did You Know?

Cygnus and his feline sibling Arcturus were both cruelly killed in a home fire in 2017.

  1. Omar

Dimensions: 47.2 inches & 30 pounds (unverified)
Age: 9 years old
Color: Orange
Location: Australia

Omar Source: BBC

When Omar was brought home by his owner Stephy Hirst in 2013, he was the same size as all of the other kittens born in the same litter.

Ms. Hirst created a social media account for Omar about two weeks ago, and one of her images has been shared more than 270,000 times on the Cats of Instagram account.

Since then, the normally quiet pet has been featured in major newspapers around Australia and on national television.

Did You Know?

Omar gets up at 5:00 in the morning, has a couple of scoops of dry cat food for breakfast, lazes about the house, plays in the backyard, rests on the trampoline, and eats raw kangaroo meat for supper.

  1. Ludo

Dimensions: 46.6 inches & 34 pounds
Age: 5 (+)
Color: Gray Tabby
Location: South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Ludo Source: Guinness World Records

Before the second largest Maine Coon was born, the record for the longest domestic cat was held by Ludo, a Maine Coon who lived in the United Kingdom. He measured a massive 46.6 inches in length and was a staggering 34 pounds.

Ludo, a Maine Coon who lives in Wakefield, UK, with his owner Kelsey Gill, was the longest cat alive at one point. He measures an astounding 46.6 inches long. Ludo is owned by Kelsey Gill.

After being enamored with the enormous tabby-colored cats in the Harry Potter films, Kelsey decided to obtain a Maine Coon as a pet.

She adopted Ludo when he was only 13 weeks old, and it didn’t take her long to realize that he was the same size as a fully-grown Maine Coon. 

Did You Know?

Ludo was a very active cat, but because of his large size, he is not as nimble as some of the other available felines. Unfortunately, he passed away last June 2019.

  1. Barivel

Dimensions: 47.2 inches
Age: 6 years old
Color: Black Tabby
Location: Pavia, Italy

Barivel Source: Guinness World Records

Barivel used to be the official holder of the world record for the largest cat, measuring in at a whopping 47.2 inches in length.

This huge cat lives in Vigevano, Pavia, with his owners. On May 22, 2018, the record for the longest domestic cat (living) was confirmed, and the cat was awarded the title of Longest domestic cat (living).

Cinzia Tinnirello and Edgar Scandurra, Barivel’s owners, had known for as long as they can remember that he was an exceptional cat.

Clown or joker is what the name “Barivel” refers to in Edgar’s regional Italian dialect. Edgar contends that despite his name and the fact that Barivel is one of the biggest domestic cats you’ve ever seen, Barivel does not possess a personality that is bigger than life.

Did You Know?

Barivel is a well-cared-for cat who likes going for walks and even has his very own Instagram profile to show for it.

  1. Stewie

Dimensions: 48.5 inches
Age: 8 years old (+)
Color: Gray Tabby
Location: Reno, Nevada

Stewie Source: Guinness World Records

Stewie holds the record for being the largest Maine Coon cat ever. He was officially known by his full name, Mymains Stewart Gilligan, and in the year 2010, his length was measured to be 48.5 inches.

Stewie was a truly gentle giant and a registered therapy animal who often visited a local senior center. He is the longest domestic cat in the history of the Guinness World Records, and he currently retains the record.

He was just eight years old when he passed away on February 4, 2013, and succumbed to cancer. Robin Hendrickson, who resided in Reno, Nevada, was the proud owner of Stewie.

Did You Know?

When Stewie passed away, his record of largest Maine Coon cat was given to Barivel, the number two entry in our list.


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