6 Largest Swords To Ever Exist

Swords have always symbolized strength, courage, and dignity. Some civilizations have large patterns. Blade length determines size. Some swords have several-foot blades, while others have smaller blades but greater designs. Heavy swords are hard to handle and move. 

Some of the larger swords have beautiful carvings and embellishments. These swords were usually given to kings, military commanders, or distinguished visitors. They were also ceremonial and prestigious.

Despite their size, these swords were functional. Many were constructed of high-quality steel, iron, or bronze for fighting. Blacksmiths and swordmakers took considerable care to make them practical and beautiful.

Making a huge sword was a rite of passage for blacksmiths and sword manufacturers. It showed off their abilities and left a legacy. Families treasured the biggest swords as keepsakes.

Their size, design, and cultural importance intrigue people. They symbolize power, courage, and honor. In addition, these swords symbolize the art and science of sword making, whether utilized in battle, ceremonial, or prestige. Check out the 6 largest swords to ever exist.

  1. Katana

Total Length: 0.8 meters
Total Weight: 1.5 kilograms
Prominent Owner/s: Japanese Samurai
Period Available: 1185 – 1868

KatanaSource: Wikimedia

The Japanese katana (also known as the katana sword) has grown in popularity in recent years, largely thanks to the rediscovery of its worth as an artistic creation.

The number of times that exhibitions are conducted is growing, and the average age of attendees is becoming younger.

Although the name “katana” was first used to describe a sword during the Kamakura era (1185–1333), the true history of bladed weapon crafting in Japan dates back over twenty centuries. The term “katana” was first used during this time. 

The katana is the longest of the samurai swords, and it has a round or square guard with a single curving edge and a long handle that can accommodate two hands. It can reach a length of up to 60–80 centimeters and a weight of up to 1.1–1.5 kg.

Did You Know?

The katana was the longest sword used in feudal Japan, including by Ninja, Kendo, and Onna-Musha.

  1. Claymore Sword

Total Length: 1.4 meters
Total Weight: 5.5 pounds
Prominent Owner/s: Scottish Warriors
Period Available: 1400 – 1700

Claymore SwordSource: Fitzwilliam Museum

The Scottish claymore is a renowned massive weapon used throughout the Wars of Scottish Independence and in clan warfare.

However, variations of the sword existed both earlier and later in history, with its peak popularity being between the years 1400 and 1700. Claymores were used in significant numbers for the last time in the main combat in 1689 at the Battle of Killiecrankie.

The whole length of this massive sword was around 140 centimeters (55 inches), and it had a grip that was 33 centimeters (13 inches) in length. Claymore swords might weigh as much as 5.5 pounds at their heaviest point.

Did You Know?

The first claymore swords did not appear like the sort seen up there. These swords were shorter and did not have the distinctive quatrefoil pattern, consisting of ornamental circles overlapping on the cross hilt.

  1. Zweihänder

Total Length: 2.13 meters
Total Weight: 2 – 4 kilograms
Prominent Owner/s: German Landsknechts
Period Available: 14th – 16th century

ZweihanderSource: Sword Encyclopedia

The Zweihänder was the culmination of an increasing size trend that started in the 14th century and continued to the current day. It may weigh anything from 2 to 4 kilograms and up to 213 centimeters in length.

The Zweihänder and other similar two-handed great swords are regarded to be the most authentic examples of Renaissance weaponry. Although medieval swords sometimes included two-handed grips, none of these weapons were used in the same manner as magnificent Renaissance swords.

When facing off against pikemen, troops armed themselves with Zweihänder and other large swords due to their stature. The lengthy blade of the Zweihänder was designed to readily disarm polearms and even cleave them in two if necessary.

Did You Know?

A weapon of this magnitude could only be used effectively by the biggest and most robust troops, such as the landsknecht. These guardsmen could slash and swing the sword while doing their duties.

  1. Bearing Sword

Total Length: 2.27 meters
Total Weight: 15 pounds
Prominent Owner/s: Medieval Europeans
Period Available: 1400 – 1430

Bearing SwordSource: Worcester Art Museum

A bearing sword is a type ceremonial sword that is very large and difficult to hold. It is generally carried by a squire or servant during parades to represent the riches and position of the sword’s owner.

These swords were not designed to be used in battle or for any other use; instead, they were displayed upright and richly ornamented. Bearing swords were employed in Europe at least as early as the medieval era and as late as the 18th century.

Bearing swords, also known as display swords, typically weighed between 10 and 15 pounds, however due to their role as ceremonial weapons, they were not very effective in terms of real combat. The total length of one of these creatures may measure up to 227 centimeters.

Did You Know?

They were carried by royal bodyguards as a demonstration of authority and were used everywhere from the early to late periods.

  1. Odachi Norimitsu

Total Length: 3.77 meters
Total Weight: 14.7 kilograms
Prominent Owner/s: Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad
Period Available: Verified in 2011

Odachi NorimitsuSource: Wikimedia

The Odachi Norimitsu is the longest Japanese sword, measuring 377 centimeters long and weighing 14.7 kilograms. The Odachi is one of the longest swords in the world and was typically crafted for use by Samurai in Japan.

It is said that the odachi was one of the preferred weapons to use on the battlefield during the Nanboku-ch era, which included a significant portion of the 14th century AD and lasted for the majority of that time period.

It has been documented that the length of the odachis made during this period was more than one meter.

Did You Know?

This weapon went out of favor within a short period of time. The primary reason for this was that it was not a practical weapon to employ in fights, which was the major factor contributing to its decline in popularity.

  1. The Crown Prince of Fujairah

Total Length: 14.93 meters
Total Weight: Information Not Available
Prominent Owner/s: Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad
Period Available: Verified in 2011

The Crown Prince of FujairahSource: Gulf News

The sword of Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad is the largest in terms of length. On December 16, 2011, the Guinness World Records measured the sword. The sword measures 14.93 meters (48 feet 11.79 inches).

A Disto D8 was used to take measurements of the sword in the center of the Al Saif roundabout, and a crane was used to examine the sword’s quality from the top to the bottom. The sword is positioned in the center of the roundabout.

Independent surveyors from the United Arab Emirates army, who had supplied the specialized crane equipment necessary, were there to check the measurements.

Did You Know?

At the annual ceremony for the Crown Prince Award-Al Saif, which took place at the Fujairah fort, the award was handed out to the recipient and presented to them there.


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