5 Largest Gaming Championships in The World

Admit that you have tried playing video games at least once in your whole life. Some people try in this way to simply escape from everyday life or live a completely different life. Others see it as entertainment. But some people make money from it. Professional eSports players are talented players participating in major global competitions with big prizes. This is how they earn their living.

Previously, no one in the world took such athletes seriously. It was believed that they were simply wasting their time. But the situation changed dramatically in 2017. It was during this period that the IOC officially recognized eSports. After the adoption of this sport, the situation has radically changed for fans and players, offering more unique opportunities. There are entire tournaments and championships where the most talented and competitive gamers play against each other for a grand prize.

Moreover, others can even place bets and watch tournaments live. And that is the topic of this article: the most prominent and exciting international gaming championships. Keep reading to learn about these exciting tournaments. 

  1. LoL Worlds

LoL WorldsSource: newsaf.cgtn.com

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world, and this championship bears its name (LoL). It’s a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, and the developer of Riot Games organizes the tournament yearly for everyone’s amusement.

Famous teams from all over the world compete for the title of world champion and a portion of this big tournament’s multi-million dollar excellent prize pool. This entire amount is distributed among many participants: players, organizers, and teams, but this amount is truly amazing. It feels even more satisfactory than winning at crypto slots!

The League of Legends World Tournament is the most vibrant global event that attracts the attention of professional players and fans of this sport. This event attracts millions of investments every year, distributed among participants. The World Tournament also includes many other activity options for players and fans. For example, this includes various festivals, meetings, and all-star games. The All-Star Game brings together established teams and newcomers with amazing performances.

  1. The International (TI)

The International (TI)Source: img.redbull.com

It’s no wonder The International is on this list since it’s all about one of the most prominent and exciting games in the entertainment industry: Dota 2. This game completely captivates every eSports fan. The game and its yearly event is not just one of the greatest MOBA games in the world; it also falls under the Valve category. And what exactly does it mean, you may ask? It means The International has one of the biggest prize pools in the gaming world nowadays.

Remember the previous championship’s huge prize pool, and now be prepared to get surprised: TI features a prize pool of $40 million! This big prize is enormous due to crowdfunding and similar campaigns, proving that Dota 2 is one of the most loved games for all fans in every country.

The event isn’t just about earning big money and the views. The most loved and famous TV shows reach around 3-5 million views. You should imagine that this event broke the record and reached 2.7 million viewers! Thus, we must include TI when discussing the most significant gaming events.

  1. CSGO Major Championships

CSGO Major ChampionshipsSource: esportstripper.com

CSGO is another vibrant and attractive game that attracts many fans and players from all over the world. The world’s largest competitions are held annually, which provide huge winnings and prizes for everyone. This game truly has many incredible features, making the hearts of fans beat much faster in anticipation of exciting, colorful battles. No one can remain indifferent here.

However, today, most people recognize Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This game perfectly fits as an escort, and it’s held the title of the most influential tournament for almost 20 years. If we’re talking views, the tournament PGL Stockholm Major in 2021 has shown the most significant numbers. Whether it’s because of COVID-19 or due to rising interest in esports, the championship reached 2,748,434 views!

The expectations for subsequent tournaments still needed to be met, and only 1.5 million people watched in 2023. Even so, it has one of the highest prize pools and is one of the most thrilling tournaments. It usually costs $15 million or so. The game is especially popular among other regular players and fans, and they love chasing for the rarest CS: GO skins to gain more results and prizes.

  1. The Land of Heroes

The Land of HeroesSource: esportstripper.com

Let’s pay attention to another bright and significant gaming event for all players around the world that attracts with the biggest winnings you’ve ever seen. This is, of course, The Land of Heroes. It comes as no surprise that the organizer is Gamers8, a Saudi Arabian esports event organizer. They do know how to throw a party in Saudi Arabia! As of today, The Land of Heroes is a great tournament with the highest prize pool you’ve ever seen of $45 million!

Last year, in 2022, the organizers distributed this huge prize among several titles, and these are the following:

  • Fortnite
  • Dota 2.
  • Rocket League.
  • PUBG Mobile.
  • Rainbow Six Siege.

This championship often hosts a hefty prize pool and is also available for different types of gamers, teams and fans. After all, everyone needs a chance to win big! In 2022, the prize pool was average yet still hefty: $15 million.

This year the organizer decided to break all the records and go beyond the ordinary, and players had to compete for a $45 million prize. Because of the prize pool and the variety of games for competition, we put this fantastic championship on our top list.

  1. Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite World CupSource: encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com

Our full list would only be complete with mentioning The Fortnite World Cup good known all over the world. It’s a relatively new event since it was first launched in 2019, but we all know how people adore Fortnite! Mind that the game was released only in 2017, and just two years later, Epic Games announced the greatest and biggest tournament ever. It was a huge success, with millions of fans around the world watching the exciting game in real-time.

It’s also worth saying that at the same kind of time, this the most significant championship ever had the most substantial bounty of all time in the esports sphere: $30 million. It’s still huge, considering that average prize pools on the most popular tournaments reach around $15 million! Thus, The Fortnite World Cup is on our list too!

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