10 Largest Subreddits by Membership Strength

Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the internet for people to come together to share news, personal stories, and media. The main site is divided into a huge number of “subreddits” that each center around a different topic, allowing members to tailor their Reddit experience to their own personal preferences.

There’s a subreddit for just about any topic you can imagine! But just how high can the member counts get? Today we’ll look at 10 of the largest subreddits that are currently up and running. We’ll rank them according to the number of members and learn what each one is about, too!

  1. r/videos

Number of Members: 21.5 million
Subject Matter: Enjoyable videos of all types
Moderators With Full Permissions: 9
Cake Day: Jan 25, 2008

r_Videos  Source: wikimedia.org

Millions of people love watching and sharing cool videos, and this common interest serves as the focus of r/videos. While there are no restrictions placed upon the types of friendly video content that people can post, there are some other regulations in place. For example, users can’t share videos related to politics, NSFW content is strongly discouraged, and the original source of the video must be credited.

Did You Know?

Redditors who submit videos are not allowed to ask for upvotes or other forms of social media promotions in their posts.

  1. r/todayilearned

Number of Members: 21.71 million
Subject Matter: Interesting and obscure facts
Moderators With Full Permissions: 8
Cake Day: Dec 28, 2008

r_TodayILearned  Source: sketchport.com

This engaging Subreddit is based around the saying “You learn something new every day,” and encourages fun fact sharing. The content of r/TodayILearned is strictly limited to facts, and sources must be cited in each post. Unverified facts, speculation or hearsay, and personal stories are all forbidden. Fun topics can include anything from information about specialized Legos to little-known anecdotes about historical figures.

Did You Know?

In order to keep the factoid subject matter as diverse and universally interesting as possible, specialized or heavily opinionated subjects like overly general facts or politically-themed facts are discouraged.

  1. r/movies

Number of Members: 21.72 million
Subject Matter: Movie discussion and news
Moderators With Full Permissions: 6
Cake Day: Jan 25, 2008

r_movies  Source: flickr.com

This Subreddit offers users the opportunity to share and discuss just about anything related to cinema. It offers some handy buttons on the sidebar to allow members to filter through popular topics as well, including the current blockbusters and the newest official discussions. In addition to news and discussions of the movies themselves, members of r/movies also share lots of content related to prominent actors and their upcoming roles.

Did You Know?

This subreddit takes a strict stance against clickbaiting and other types of vague or misleading posts.

  1. r/worldnews

Number of Members: 22.4 million
Subject Matter: News from around the world
Moderators With Full Permissions: 10
Cake Day: Jan 25, 2008

r_WorldNews  Source: flickr.com

R/WorldNews is a subreddit for people to share news and events from around the world and is meant to increase users’ global awareness. Since other subreddits like r/politics and r/news are so heavily focused on the political conditions in the United States, content featuring US internal politics is excluded from R/WorldNews.

Did You Know?

MIT recently collaborated with Reddit to encourage members to exercise discernment and skepticism when greeted with news links online, and pushed users to cite their sources.

  1. r/science

Number of Members: 22.6 million
Subject Matter: Scientific research and news
Moderators With Full Permissions: 6
Cake Day: Oct 18, 2006

r_science  Source: flickr.com

This subreddit covers a vast array of fascinating topics from biology and astronomy to social science and medicine. Content is required to be as reputable as possible, meaning that the scientific information being presented has to be peer-reviewed and reliably sourced. Reposts and posts that summarize too heavily are also frowned upon, and any news or informative content must be under 6 months old.

Did You Know?

Members of r/science are discouraged from commenting with anecdotal stories that aren’t supported by impartial evidence.

  1. r/pics

Number of Members: 23.1 million
Subject Matter: Enjoyable pictures and photos
Moderators With Full Permissions: 10
Cake Day: Jan 25, 2008

r_pics  Source: wikimedia.org

R/pics is the perfect place to share stunning landscape shots and brilliant captures of rare or heartfelt moments. This subreddit maintains a distinct focus on quality, encouraging each new post to offer something fresh and unique. Reposts and low-quality images are usually taken down by the moderators, as are low-effort contributions like screenshots.

Did You Know?

Animated images, pictures with obvious editing, captions, or scribbles, and before-and-after shots are forbidden on r/pics.

  1. r/gaming

Number of Members: 24.0 million
Subject Matter: Video games, card games, and tabletop games
Moderators With Full Permissions: 9
Cake Day: Sep 17, 2007

r_gaming  Source: wikimedia.org

This subreddit is open to just about any type of gaming-related content, although NSFW content must be tagged. Members are required to tag spoilers as well for the benefit of other members who have reached varying points in game storylines. Crowdfunding posts related to indie game development or game-related projects are allowed as well, although they cannot be reposted unless significant changes have been made.

Did You Know?

Many users are tempted to post about trading, selling, or obtaining game-related items on r/gaming, but this is forbidden.

  1. r/AskReddit

Number of Members: 25.1 million
Subject Matter: Thought-provoking questions and answers
Moderators With Full Permissions: 10
Cake Day: Jan 25, 2008

r_AskReddit  Source: wikimedia.org

Have you ever wanted to ask the rest of the world an open-ended question that’s been lingering at the back of your mind? If so, then r/AskReddit might be just the place! Questions here are intended to be thought-provoking and invite other Redditors to participate in engaging discussions in the comments. Topics can range from memorable schoolyard experiences to how people have changed the most over the past year.

Did You Know?

For members who have more solemn or sensitive questions on their minds, the [Serious] tag can mark their posts as off-limits to jokes, memes, and irrelevant types of content.

  1. r/funny

Number of Members: 27.0 million
Subject Matter: Humor
Moderators With Full Permissions: 2
Cake Day: Jan 25, 2008

r_funny  Source:  flickr.com

People love to laugh, and tons of Redditors come together to share their favorite humorous content on r/funny. In the interest of preventing things from becoming heated, loaded topics such as politics and harassment are forbidden. This subreddit also steers away from memes and over-tired joke formats such as posts that start with “Does anyone else . . .?”.

Did You Know?

While memes are banned from r/funny, humorous images with fresh takes on classic humorous concepts or witty captions are welcomed.

  1. r/announcements

Number of Members: 47.0 million
Subject Matter: Official Reddit-related announcements
Moderators With Full Permissions: 8
Cake Day: Jun 17, 2009

r_announcements  Source: wikimedia.org

R/announcements is the largest Subreddit according to the number of subscribers. It is the perfect place for Redditors to keep up with any new features or changes taking place within the Reddit community, and stringent measures are taken to prevent misinformation. Members can request to post, but their posts must be approved by the mods before they become visible to all members.

Did You Know?

Anything around six months or older is archived, which means that users can still read the posts but cannot comment, vote, or otherwise engage with them.

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