10 Largest Minecraft Servers in the World

In recent years, Minecraft has become one of the most well-known games in the world. Both casual and hardcore gamers enjoy its pleasant, simplistic graphics and nearly-endless creative possibilities. While some people are crazy about single player mode, many others get a thrill out of playing on larger servers with other gamers where they can share their creations and engage in PvP combat.

So, just how large can servers for such a popular game get? Today we’ll find out as we explore 10 of the largest Minecraft servers in the world and rank them according to how many players you can normally find online!

  1. No Stop Gamer

Number of Players: 2451/3000
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
Server Location: USA
Address: play.nostopgamer.com

No Stop Gamer  Source: pixabay.com

This Medieval-themed Minecraft server places a strong focus on preventing toxic behavior as well as scamming and phishing in order to create a safe, friendly environment for its players. No Stop Gamers also strives to maintain low ping for a smooth gaming experience and gives away rewards to its most active voters and players each day.

Did You Know?

The No Stop Gamer server’s efforts to maintain a friendly and risk-free environment also extend to banning usernames or skins that are deemed inappropriate.

  1. Minecraft Central

Number of Players: 2590/10000
Minecraft Version: 1.14.4
Server Location: USA
Address: mccentral.org

Minecraft Central  Source: pixabay.com

The Minecraft Central server focuses heavily on player engagement and friendly competition while discouraging its players from abusing the chat system. Behaviors such as repeatedly spamming messages, openly arguing in the public chat, and verbally abusing players are likely to result in a mute or ban. In further attempts to keep the server enjoyable, MCCentral also does its best to stay on top of updates and bug fixes.

Did You Know?

Minecraft Central offers its players a wide variety of opportunities to spice things up in-game, including Skywars, Hide And Seek, Factions, and Capture The Flag.

  1. PvPWars

Number of Players: 2993/4250
Minecraft Version: 1.14.4
Server Location: USA
Address: pvpwars.net

PvPWars  Source: pixabay.com

The PvPWars Minecraft server network loves to keep things interesting and offers several different worlds on their Skyblock and Factions servers for players to test their luck on. These unique worlds include Skyblock Emerald, Skyblock Matrix, and OP Prison. PvPWars invites players of all ages to participate and bans profanity and innuendo from the public chat.

Did You Know?

Players on the PvPWars server are invited to enjoy a number of contests and events, including Karaoke events that are hosted through Discord. Rewards can include anything from “Talented” Discord tags to Buycraft Codes.


Number of Players: 3288/0
Minecraft Version: 1.14.3
Server Location: Spain
Address: librecraft.com:25565

Librecraft  Source: pixabay.com

This space-themed Spanish Minecraft server offers a colorful variety of game server types for a well-rounded player experience, including Eggwars, TeamSkywars, LuckyWars, SurvivalGames, and MurderMistery. This server’s mods try to keep the player experience as streamlined as possible, IP banning users who create multiple accounts to evade a ban or otherwise manipulate the system.

Did You Know?

LIBRECRAFT is also working on developing a profile portal to help its players connect with one another.

  1. UniversoCraft

Number of Players: 5045/10000
Minecraft Version: 1.13.2
Server Location: Spain
Address: mc.universocraft.com

UniversoCraft  Source: pixabay.com

UniversoCraft sports a modern theme and provides its players with intuitive statistics and achievements systems on its forums to better keep track of their in-game progress. The UniversoCraft forums provide a variety of ways to sort and communicate with other players, encouraging interaction through threads and social media.

Did You Know?

The UniversoCraft server aims to foster a strong sense of community among its players by encouraging them to participate in events such as drawing contests.

  1. Towny Online

Number of Players: 5325/8000
Minecraft Version: 1.14.4
Server Location: Canada
Address: towny.online

Towny Online  Source: pixabay.com

Known as one of the more popular servers in the Minesuperior server network, Towny Online focuses on optimizing the mechanics of the game for the ideal player experience with diligent mods and staff who consistently work towards smooth gameplay. Players are also encouraged to uphold a good reputation, and those with highly positive ratings are displayed on the Minesuperior website.

Did You Know?

The Towny Online server offers players fun perks such as custom biomes and shops, as well as player shops and a good in-game economy.

  1. MineSuperior

Number of Players: 5376/8000
Minecraft Version: 1.14.4
Server Location: USA
Address: mc.MineSuperior.com

MineSuperior  Source: pixabay.com

MineSuperior is the main server in the MineSuperior server network and is designed to be transparent while offering players a variety of features such as OPFactions, GunZ, and KitPvP. Minesuperior has a well-rounded team of staff and developers working to keep players on their best behavior and ensure that everything functions smoothly on the server.

Did You Know?

Game modes available on the Minesuperior server include Creative, Bukkit, and MCMMO.

  1. Omegacraft

Number of Players: 5520/7500
Minecraft Version: 1.12
Server Location: Chile
Address: play.omegacraft.cl

Omegacraft  Source: pixabay.com

This Chilean server is the number one Minecraft server in Latin America and advertises a fair, unified player community. Some modes of this server have been compared to The Hunger Games, offering coliseum-style combat. Omegacraft also offers a number of survival games, minigames, and different modalities.

Did You Know?

On the Omegacraft server, using cheats and hacks is a quick way for players to get themselves banned!

  1. Hypixel Network

Number of Players: 55631/75000
Minecraft Version: 1.14
Server Location: USA
Address: mc.hypixel.net

Hypixel Network  Source: pixabay.com

The Hypixel Network does its best to accommodate as many different player preferences as possible by offering minigames and supporting Minecraft versions 1.8 through 1.14. Like many other large servers, the Hypixel Network prohibits cheats, exploits, verbal harassment, and excessive negativity among players alongside doing its best to prevent scamming and preserve account safety.

Did You Know?

The Hypixel server network offers a variety of plugins and 35 different games to its players in order to create a fun and engaging game environment.

  1. VanillaBlock

Number of Players: 55674/75000
Minecraft Version: 1.14
Server Location: USA
Address: vanillablock.net

VanillaBlock  Source: pixabay.com

VanillaBlock is the largest Minecraft server in the world by number of players. It is also designed for a more mature audience, offering less player protection in chat and putting more of a focus on PvP combat. As the name suggests, VanillaBlock is for fans of classic Minecraft and comes without the extra plugins that so many other servers use.

Did You Know?

While VanillaBlock is for more mature players and doesn’t use plugins as a general rule, it takes a definitive stance against griefing and uses a rollback plugin to help players recoup their losses if anti-griefing rules are broken.

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