7 Longest-Living Dogs Ever 

Most people who have dogs share special bonds with their pets and want to enjoy as much time together as they can. Pet owners often buy special foods and take their furry friends on regular vet visits to keep them happy and healthy in hopes of extending their lifespans. Some people have been fortunate enough to be able to spend more than two decades with their canine friends!

So, just how old can man’s best friend get? Today we’ll be looking at 7 of the dogs who have attained the longest lifespans in the world! We’ll rank them according to how old they got and learn some fun facts about each one.

  1. Otto

Lifespan: 20 years
Breed: Dachshund-Terrier mix
Location: England
Owner: Lynn and Peter Jones

Otto  Source: wikimedia.org

This cute little crossbreed lived in Shrewsbury, England and held the Guinness World Record for the oldest living dog until he passed away in 2010. He was adopted by Lynn Jones when he was just six weeks old and lived a rich life filled with love and affection.

Otto loved to play with local children, even into his later years when he developed arthritis and began to lose his hearing. His family attributed his long, active life to a good diet, lots of love, and a strict bedtime of 8pm. They also reported that, before his arthritis set in, he used to run like a Greyhound and get around very quickly!

Did you know? 

Otto was presented with the official certification of his record-breaking status on the The Paul O’Grady Show during a segment that highlighted elderly dogs.

  1. Chanel 

Lifespan: 21 years
Breed: Dachshund
Location: Virginia, USA
Owner: The Shaughnessy family

Chanel  Source: wikimedia.org

Word has it that Dachshunds have the potential for very long lifespans, and Chanel serves as a prime example! Mrs. Shaughnessy adopted Chanel at six weeks old while she was serving in the US Army in Newport News, Virginia. Her military background wound up being useful since the meticulous records she kept of Chanel’s age and adoption helped to verify her impressive age later on.

Chanel’s family joked that, since she’d reached 21 years of age, she was finally old enough to drink whiskey from the toilet. While she might not have had any alcoholic drinks, she did get her own doggie birthday cake at the New York Dog Spa and Hotel! The dog food company Dogswell gave Chanel her own private party there in honor of her record-breaking birthday.

Did you know? 

Chanel’s veterinarian said that she reached the dog’s age equivalent of approximately 120 years!

  1. Kathy T. Dog 

Lifespan: 22 years
Breed: Mutt
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Owner: Jake

Kathy_T_Dog  Source: facebook.com

Kathy T. Dog was a rescue pet adopted from a Las Vegas animal shelter into a loving home that provided her with everything she could want. Kathy even has her own Facebook page, which was regularly updated when she was still alive.

Kathy was affectionately nicknamed “The angriest dog of all time” since she would readily bite any strangers she met. She also treated objects in her path with suspicion, barking and growling at anything she was unfamiliar with. Despite her attitude towards strangers, she and Jake shared an intense bond and she was very loyal to him.

Did you know? 

Kathy T. Dog’s awards as listed on her Facebook page include a lifetime ban from Petco and the Las Vegas Greater Area Renaissance Fair.

  1. Pusuke 

Lifespan: 26 years
Breed: Shiba Inu mix
Location: Tochigi, Japan
Owner: Yumiko Shinohara

Source: wikimedia.org

Pusuke was a spunky little dog who actually survived a close brush with death in 2008 before living on to claim his title as the world’s oldest living dog. He sustained serious injuries from his car accident in 2008 and needed to undergo surgery in order to make it through the ordeal.

Pusuke remained active and alert right up until the end of his life and his passing was unexpected but peaceful. Yumiko Shinohara said that she was very thankful to Pusuke for living with her for so long, and she thought of him as a true member of her family.

Did you know? 

The Shiba Inu breed is one of the oldest breeds on Earth! Analysis of their DNA suggests that the breed dates back as far as the 3rd century BCE during the rule of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

  1. Bramble

Lifespan: 27 years
Breed: Border Collie
Location: England
Owner: Anne Heritage

  BrambleSource: wikimedia.org

Bramble’s owner, Anne, is an outspoken animal rights activist and vegan. She switched Bramble over to a vegan diet as well after encountering a theory that carnivores can exist on a vegan diet when given the proper chemical compounds in their food. Bramble usually ate a diet of lentils, rice, and textured vegetable protein.

In addition to her meals, which she received once daily, Bramble stayed highly active and got lots of exercise. Her impressive age and glowing health made her the subject of a book as well: “Bramble; The Dog Who Wanted to Live Forever.”

Did you know? 

Bramble is a highly unusual case since vegan diets are often considered to be less than ideal for canines, who are evolved for a carnivorous diet.

  1. Butch

Lifespan: 28 years
Breed: Beagle
Location: Virginia, USA
Owner: Unknown

  ButchSource: wikimedia.org

When asked to name the oldest-living dog ever, many people think of Butch! He was born in 1975 and held the official title in the Guinness Book of World Records until his passing.

Not very much is known about the details of Butch’s life, but he surely enjoyed a good lifestyle in order to reach such a long age! Beagles were originally bred to hunt small game and they love to follow scent trails, which means that they’re more likely to thrive with plenty of time to roam outside. Beagles live to around 15 years on average, making Butch’s age an astounding accomplishment!

Did you know? 

Depending on which form of dog age calculation you use, Butch would have reached approximately 125 in human years.

  1. Bluey

Lifespan: 29 years
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Location: Rochester, Australia
Owner: Les and Esma Hall

  BlueySource: wikimedia.org

Bluey is the longest-living dog ever recorded. He worked as a herding dog for nearly 20 years, and the mental stimulation and exercise from his job might have contributed to his long lifespan. Australian Cattle Dogs are also commonly referred to as Blue Heelers or Red Heelers, depending on their coloration.

Most people associate extremely long lifespans with smaller breeds of dogs since those are the most commonly verified examples, but Bluey was happy to add some variety to the records! He lived for nearly a decade after his retirement.

Did you know? 

A couple of other dog owners claimed that their dogs, Max and Bella, lived to be even older than Bluey, but they didn’t have the appropriate verification to prove it.

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