8 Largest Jigsaw Puzzles In The World

Jigsaw puzzles are a centuries-old pastime. Interlocking puzzles, which form a complete picture, have long been a beloved hobby for all ages. They can soothe and challenge you after a hard day. Putting together a puzzle is relaxing, and finishing one is fulfilling.

The challenge can appeal to all ability levels. Beginner puzzles feature a few big parts, whereas sophisticated puzzles include hundreds or thousands of little pieces. Anyone can discover a challenging and fun puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles range from basic patterns with a few pieces to complicated, thousands-piece graphics. Some puzzles educate kids about geography, history, or science. Others are for fun and beauty.

Jigsaw puzzles are created from cardboard, wood, and plastic. Cardboard jigsaw puzzles with interlocking parts cut with a blade are the most frequent. Laser-cut wood puzzles fit together better.

Putting together any jigsaw puzzle is the same. Sort by color or pattern first. This makes finding puzzle parts simpler. Then, start assembling the puzzle from the edges inward.

Some puzzle pieces are harder to fit than others. Turning or angling the component may aid in these circumstances. Some puzzles are so large, that they can take up an entire room. Check out the 8 largest jigsaw puzzles in the world.

  1. Wild Life

Total Number of Pieces: 33,600
Overall Dimensions: 570 by 157 centimeters
Manufacturer: Educa
Year Released: 2014
Average Selling Retail Price:

WILD LIFE Puzzle  Source: Educa

The 33600-piece Wild Life puzzle depicts various creatures in their natural surroundings. One of the biggest puzzles, it measures 17 feet by 6 feet when finished.

Lions, elephants, gorillas, and more populate the puzzle. Each animal’s looks and traits are accurately represented. The puzzle’s design and production are evident in the creatures’ fur, feathers, and scales’ brilliant colors and unique patterns.

Any puzzle fan searching for a tough and gratifying undertaking should get the Wild Life puzzle. This puzzle will delight beginners and pros alike.

Did You Know?

Even expert puzzlers will find the Wild Life puzzle difficult, but the finished picture will be worth it. The completed puzzle is magnificent and likely to inspire.

  1. Mickey Mouse

Total Number of Pieces: 40,320
Overall Dimensions: 680 by 192 cemtimeters
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
Year Released: 2018
Average Selling Retail Price:$600

MIICKEY PUZZLE  Source: Newsweek

Disney and puzzle enthusiasts will love the 40320-piece Mickey Mouse puzzle. With so many pieces, this puzzle will keep you busy for hours.

As you work on the puzzle, you’ll be able to put together the scene’s exquisite elements, from the actors’ vivid and vibrant attire and accessories to the scene’s items and backdrops.

The 40320-piece Mickey Mouse puzzle will bring hours of pleasure and joy for puzzle fans of all levels.

Did You Know?

Mickey Mouse and his buddies appear in a vibrant scenario in the puzzle. For example, this puzzle has Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.

  1. Around the World

Total Number of Pieces: 42,000
Overall Dimensions: 749 by 157 centimeters
Year Released: 2017
Manufacturer: Educa
Average Selling Retail Price:

AROUND THE WORLD  Source: Cronicas Puzzleras

The 42000-piece puzzle Around the World is a complex puzzle that depicts the world. Forty-two thousand tiny puzzle pieces make a lovely and realistic global map.

Since there are so many parts, assembling this puzzle will be difficult and time-consuming. In addition, a tiny error might ruin the puzzle, so patience and attention to detail are needed.

Despite the difficulties, solving this problem may be fulfilling. You may learn about geography and our planet’s nations and regions as you put together the globe. In addition, fitting the pieces may improve your spatial thinking and problem-solving skills.

The 42000-piece puzzle Around the World is hard and entertaining, providing hours of pleasure for puzzle fans of all ages.

Did You Know?

The cardboard puzzle is cut to fit together nicely. Typical jigsaw puzzle pieces include interlocking tabs and blanks to fit together.

  1. Travel Around the World

Total Number of Pieces: 48,000
Overall Dimensions: 768 by 204 centimeters
Year Released: 2017
Manufacturer: Grafika
Average Selling Retail Price:


Travel Around the World,” a 48000-piece puzzle with stunning images of famous sites and sceneries, is challenging and remarkable. This puzzle depicts the world’s splendor, from the Great Wall of China to the Eiffel Tower.

This puzzle demands time and attention to detail. Depending on competence, the puzzle might take hours or days to finish due to its vastness. However, completing such a complicated and comprehensive puzzle is rewarding.

High-quality printing and artwork distinguish the “Travel Around the World” puzzle. This jigsaw is a piece of art because of its vivid colors and complex scenery. Each component is precisely cut and fits tightly with its neighbors, making assembling fun.

The “Travel Around the Global” puzzle is highly recommended to puzzle lovers and world explorers. It’s a terrific way to unwind after a hard day and a fun pastime for families or friends. However, this problem will delight puzzlers of all levels.

  1. 27 Wonders From Around the World

Total Number of Pieces: 51,300
Overall Dimensions: 868 by 190 centimeters
Year Released: 2019
Manufacturer: Kodak
Average Selling Retail Price:

27 WONDERS  Source: GMA

The 51300-piece puzzle 27 Marvels from Around the World is a jigsaw puzzle containing 27 renowned wonders. Among these wonders are the Sydney Opera House, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, and others.

The problem is difficult and suited for puzzle experts. One of the biggest jigsaw puzzles, it finishes at 119 inches by 85 inches. High-quality cardboard puzzle pieces with matte finishes prevent glare.

Solving the 51300-piece puzzle 27 Wonders from Around the World will delight and educate you for hours. This piece will please jigsaw puzzle fans of all levels.

Did You Know?

You’ll learn about the 27 marvels’ history and importance as you solve the puzzle. In addition, the puzzle’s descriptive placard explaining each marvel may help you identify and arrange each piece.

  1. Martin Puzzle

Total Number of Pieces: 52,110
Overall Dimensions: 696 by 201.5 centimeters
Year Released: 2018
Manufacturer: Martin Puzzle
Average Selling Retail Price:

MARTIN Puzzle  Source: Cronicas Puzzleras

The Martin Puzzle is the first ever jigsaw puzzle to have a total of 52110 pieces, making it the world’s largest of its kind at the time of release. The entire puzzle picture size equates to 696 by 201.5 centimeters. The area is more than 14 square meters.

It is composed of four smaller boxes. Each has 28 parts; inside each portion, there are 465 pieces.

The package also includes 8 Ziploc bags, each containing important documents and 4 brochures and directions. The piece of work is supplied in a nearly completed state. Each box is divided into a total of 28 parts.

Did You Know?

The Martin Puzzle is originally available at the retail price of $646, and the entire package weighs an astonishing 50 pounds.

  1. Travel Around Art!

Total Number of Pieces: 54,000
Overall Dimensions: 864 by 204 centimeters
Year Released: 2017
Manufacturer: Grafika
Average Selling Retail Price:

TRAVEL AROUND ART  Source: Grafika

Grafika’s 54,000-piece Travel Across Art jigsaw puzzle is a stunning mosaic of great works of art from around the globe. With its detailed features and many colors and patterns, this problem will test even the most seasoned puzzlers.

One of the biggest jigsaw puzzles, it measures 13 feet by 6.5 feet. It features artwork by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, the Eiffel Tower, and the Great Wall of China.

The puzzle has magnificent artwork and a global map with the locations of each piece. You learn about diverse cultures and places as you put the puzzle together.

For a tough and satisfying puzzle experience, Grafika’s Travel Around Art puzzle is great. This magnificent collage of art from across the globe will fascinate and satisfy puzzlers of all levels.

  1. What A Wonderful World

Total Number of Pieces: 60,000
Overall Dimensions: 679 by 189 centimeters
Year Released: 2022
Manufacturer: Dowdle
Average Selling Retail Price:


Think about it: an 8-foot-tall by 29-foot-long jigsaw depicting the world’s most beautiful locations in vivid color. What a Wonderful World, with its 60,000 pieces, is the largest jigsaw puzzle ever made and incorporates designs by Dowdle.

What a Wonderful World is an interconnecting masterpiece that will test even the most experienced puzzlers. This massive jigsaw comprises 60 different 1,000-piece puzzles, each of which may be completed separately and then locked together once complete.

The What a Wonderful World pieces are manufactured of high-quality blue chipboard and fit snugly into each other. Besides the sixty puzzles in their own bags, the package includes sixty big reference posters and a master legend detailing the problems’ specific locations.

Did You Know?

One hundred eighty-seven works from the Dowdle art studio are shown in What a Wonderful World. These colorful paintings depict the splendors of our planet. The Pacific islands, the bright lights of Paris, the Taj Mahal, and the grandeur of America’s national parks are all part of your puzzle.


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