10 Largest Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous all around the world for its lavish scenery, massive selection of gambling machines, and countless other attractions and shows. With so much to do, most people choose to stay for at least several days to take everything in! Vegas boasts an impressive wealth of hotels, and each offers their own unique and memorable experiences.

With so many people flocking to the Strip, just how big can Las Vegas hotels get? Today we’ll be looking at the 10 largest hotels in Las Vegas and ranking them according to their numbers of rooms. We’ll also learn some cool facts about what makes each one so special!

  1. Mandalay Bay

Number of Rooms: 3,211
Gaming Space: 135,000 sq ft
Theme: Luxury and Beaches
Year Opened: 1999

Mandalay Bay  Source: wikimedia.org

The Mandalay Bay resort and casino’s property encompasses a couple of other hotels as well: The Delano and the Four Seasons Hotel. The Mandalay Bay Tram, which escorts guests to other properties such as the Luxor and Excalibur, is 2,749 feet long! The tram is largely free to ride, runs 24/7, and tempers the Mandalay Bay’s somewhat distant location two miles from the airport.

Did You Know?

If The Mandalay Bay weren’t regarded as a separate hotel from the Delano and the Four Seasons, the entire complex would tally up 4,752 rooms in total!

  1. Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Number of Rooms: 3,626
Gaming Space: 72,299 sq ft
Theme: Sunset and Wildlife
Year Opened: 1946

Flamingo Hotel and Casino  Source: wikimedia.org

Formerly known as “Flamingo Hilton Las Vegas” and “The Fabulous Flamingo,” this showy hotel and casino was the first one to break away from Las Vegas’ original Old Western theme. In addition to luxurious rooms and lively casino game floors, the Flamingo also features a wildlife habitat that gives guests the opportunity to appreciate a number of exotic birds.

Did You Know?

Plenty of people will mistakenly tell you that the Flamingo Hotel and Casino was the first hotel-casino in Vegas, but it was actually the third.

  1. Circus Circus

Number of Rooms: 3,767
Gaming Space: 123,928 sq ft
Theme: Circus and Carnival
Year Opened: 1968

Circus Circus  Source: wikimedia.org

This hotel and casino is owned and operated by the prestigious MGM Resorts International and stays true to its name by offering live circus acts and carnival games every day. In fact, Circus Circus is said to be the largest permanent circus in the world! This hotel also includes a ballroom big enough for 600 people and a wedding chapel: the Chapel of the Fountain.

Did You Know?

The Circus Circus Adventuredome indoor amusement park offers everything from kid-friendly rides and thrilling roller coasters to neon-themed nightlife.

  1. Caesars Palace

Number of Rooms: 3,960
Gaming Space: 124,181 sq ft
Theme: Greco-Roman
Year Opened: 1966

Caesars Palace  Source: wikimedia.org

This iconic luxury hotel and casino is often the first one people think of when they hear someone mention Las Vegas! It was originally going to be called the Cabana Palace or the Desert Palace. In addition to having the largest wedding chapel on the Las Vegas strip, Caesars Palace also boasts a gorgeous crystal chandelier that was the largest in the world when it was installed.

Did You Know?

People claim that the large replica of Michelangelo’s Statue of David will give you some extra luck on the game floors if you touch his big toe.

  1. Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Number of Rooms: 3,981
Gaming Space: 100,000 sq ft
Theme: Castles and Medieval
Year Opened: 1990

Excalibur Hotel and Casino  Source: wikimedia.org

The Excalibur hotel is impossible to miss with its pointed medieval castle turrets and bright colors. The site of the Excalibur was originally meant for the tropical Asian-themed Xanadu Resort, which would have been the first mega resort in Las Vegas, but the infrastructure plans turned out to be unfeasible. Circus Circus Enterprises then built Excalibur instead, later selling it to MGM Resorts International.

Did You Know?

Excalibur is one of the more budget-friendly hotel options in the area while still offering plenty of entertainment for the money.

  1. Bellagio

Number of Rooms: 3,993
Gaming Space: 116,000 sq ft
Theme: Elegant Fountains and Gardens
Year Opened: 1998

Bellagio  Source: wikimedia.org

This incredibly decorative luxury resort is inspired by and named after the Italian town on Lake Como. It is built on the site of the tenth casino and hotel to be built on the Las Vegas Strip: The Dunes Hotel. The Bellagio is distinctly adult-oriented, featuring luxury spas, a botanical conservatory, and a gym. The Spa Tower stands adjacent to the original Bellagio tower.

Did You Know?

The Bellagio is famous for its eight-acre lake and intricate dancing fountain system which impresses tourists with its captivating shows.

  1. Aria Resort and Casino

Number of Rooms: 4,004
Gaming Space: 150,000 sq ft
Theme: None
Year Opened: 2009

Aria Resort and Casino  Source: wikimedia.org

This luxury hotel is part of the CityCenter complex and is located between the Bellagio and Monte Carlo resorts. The Aria Resort and Casino features an eclectic blend of modern architectural elements that complement its curvilinear structure. It is also the tallest structure in CityCenter and is unique among Vegas hotels in that it doesn’t adhere to an overall theme.

Did You Know?

The Aria Hotel is constantly kept under heavy surveillance to make sure that guests play by the rules.

  1. The Venetian Las Vegas

Number of Rooms: 4,034
Gaming Space: 120,000 sq ft
Theme: Venice, Italy
Year Opened: 1999

The Venetian Las Vegas   Source: wikimedia.org

Complete with a false indoor sky and Gondola rides, The Venetian is said to be one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. The Venetian and The Palazzo are sister hotels that are widely regarded as one combined resort. When combined, the two resort properties add up to over 7,000 suites, which is more than any other hotel under one roof in the United States!

Did You Know?

There are two canals in the Venetian which contain 36,000 and 278,000 gallons of water.

  1. Luxor Hotel and Casino

Number of Rooms: 4,400
Gaming Space: 120,000 sq ft
Theme: Ancient Egypt
Year Opened: 1993

Luxor Hotel and Casino  Source: wikimedia.org

This unforgettable hotel and casino is 30 stories high and features its own replicas of the Sphinx and the Pyramid of Giza. The Luxor was the first and only pyramid hotel in Las Vegas, and it is also the largest atrium in the world. This hotel has gone through numerous renovations and expansions to become the iconic landmark it is today.

Did You Know?

The Luxor offers 87 different table games and 2,000 slot machines.

  1. MGM Grand

Number of Rooms: 6,852
Gaming Space: 171,500 sq ft
Theme: Hollywood and Art Deco
Year Opened: 1993

MGM Grand   Source: wikimedia.org

The MGM Grand is the largest hotel in Las Vegas by number of hotel rooms. In fact, it is so large that it actually contains two other VIP hotels: “Skylofts” and “The Mansion”! The MGM Grand also offers a great selection of attractions, including a CSI exhibit and live boxing matches.

Did You Know?

The MGM Grand has a long-standing association with lion imagery, and the statue of its mascot, Leo, is the largest bronze sculpture in the United States at a staggering 50 tons.

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