8 Largest Shopping Malls In The Usa

American retail has relied on malls for decades. These large malls feature hundreds of businesses and many services, making them popular for shopping, eating, and entertainment.

The biggest shopping malls in the USA are noted for their size and quantity of businesses and facilities. These malls are shopping attractions with many floors and acres of land. They have everything from high-end designer stores to budget-friendly outlets.

These malls provide several facilities besides shopping. Many have food options, cinemas, entertainment, and indoor amusement parks. These malls’ large communal spaces attract friends and families.

Shopping malls have changed with customer tastes and internet shopping. Despite this, the major US malls flourish, giving a unique and immersive shopping experience unsurpassed by any other retail model. They provide employment and boost local economies in retail.

The major US shopping malls are retail destinations with a wide range of retailers and services and a distinct shopping experience. Despite internet purchasing, these malls remain vital to the retail scene. These malls include shopping, dining, and entertainment. Here are the 8 largest shopping malls in the US.

  1. Ala Moana Center

Total Floor Area: 2,400,000 square feet
Number of Stores: 350
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Owner: Brookfield Properties
Opening Date: 1959

Ala Moana CenterSource: Wikimedia

The Ala Moana Center, or simply Ala Moana, is a large open-air retail mall in the Ala Moana area of Honolulu, Hawaii. It is also referred to as Ala Moana.

The Ala Moana Retail Complex is the eighth-biggest shopping mall in the United States and the largest open-air shopping center in the world. Brookfield Properties is the owner of this shopping center.

The Ala Moana shopping center is frequently rated as one of the most prosperous shopping centers in the world. According to the most recent data, it is the most valuable retail mall in the United States, with assets worth $5.74 billion as of January 2018.

Did You Know?

The area now homes to the shopping center was once a swamp before it was developed. The surplus coral formed due to dredging work supervised by Walter F. Dillingham in the area was used to fill the marsh.

  1. The Galleria

Total Floor Area: 2,400,838 square feet
Number of Stores: 400
Location: Houston, Texas
Owner: Simon Property Group
Opening Date: 1970

The GalleriaSource: Wikimedia

The Galleria, also known as the Houston Galleria and styled as theGalleria, is a high-end urban mixed-use complex and retail mall situated in the Uptown District of Houston, Texas, in the United States.

Oilman Glenn H. McCarthy had the idea for an indoor shopping center with a hotel back in the 1940s, and a second phase of the project was supposed to include the Shamrock Hotel.

However, this concept was scrapped as soon as the Hilton Hotel franchise took over the Shamrock in 1955 and was never implemented. In the late 1960s, Gerald Hines would be influenced by a notion that Glenn H. McCarthy had abandoned.

Did You Know?

The property has a private health club and a retail complex, the Galleria Office Towers complex, two Westin hotels, and the Galleria Office Towers complex. The office buildings and hotels are owned and operated by a different entity from the shopping mall.

  1. Del Amo Fashion Center

Total Floor Area: 2,517,765 square feet
Number of Stores: 255
Location: Torrance, California
Owner: Simon Property Group
Opening Date: 1961

Del Amo Fashion CenterSource: Wikimedia

The Del Amo Fashion Center is a regional shopping mall in the United States in Torrance, California. It is composed of three levels. The Simon Property Group is presently responsible for its management and is a co-owner of the property.

Guilford Glazer brought together several projects in Torrance, California, on the eastern side of the Hawthorne Boulevard and Carson Street crossroads. This resulted in the creation of the Del Amo Fashion Center.

Did You Know?

In the film Jackie Brown, directed by Quentin Tarantino and released in 1997, the Del Amo Fashion Center played an important role as a setting and a component of the story. However, the majority of the scenes that took place in the mall took place in a made-up department store in the mall known as Billingsley.

  1. King of Prussia Mall

Total Floor Area: 2,793,000 square feet
Number of Stores: 450
Location: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Owner: Simon Property Group
Opening Date: 1963

King of Prussia MallSource: Wikimedia

The King of Prussia Mall is a large retail center that can be found in the town of King of Prussia, which is situated inside Upper Merion Township in the state of Pennsylvania, United States.

When it opened in 1963, the shopping center comprised two separate buildings, later renamed The Plaza and The Court. In August 2016, however, a significant extension project was finally finished, and the two buildings were joined to form a single huge retail mall.

Did You Know?

The Kravco firm was responsible for the initial development of the shopping center. The oldest part of the complex, known as The Plaza at King of Prussia, opened its doors in 1963 as an unassuming open-air retail mall that JCPenney anchored.

  1. South Coast Plaza

Total Floor Area: 2,800,000 square feet
Number of Stores: 270+
Location: Costa Mesa, California
Opening Date: 1967

South Coast PlazaSource: Wikimedia

In Costa Mesa, California, you’ll find the regional retail center known as South Coast Plaza. The biggest shopping center on the West Coast of the United States, before the implementation of COVID, the center’s yearly sales of over $1.5 billion were the highest of any retail center in the United States.

In March of 1967, members of the Segerstrom family, including most notably Harold (Hal) T. Segerstrom, Jr. and cousin Henry Segerstrom, constructed a retail mall in quickly developing Orange County known as “South Coast Plaza” in one of the family’s lima bean fields.

Did You Know?

The South Coast Plaza consistently welcomes roughly 24 million guests each year. It is the most profitable shopping center in the United States because of the almost $1.5 billion in annual sales generated by its retailers, making it the top-grossing center in the country.

  1. Aventura Mall

Total Floor Area: 2,800,000 square feet
Number of Stores: 300+
Location: Aventura, Florida
Owner: Turnberry Associates
Opening Date: 1983

Aventura MallSource: Wikimedia

A retail center known as Aventura Mall may be found in the city of Aventura in Florida. It is the biggest shopping center in Florida and the third-largest mall in the United States, as measured by the total square feet of retail space.

The Oxford Development Company gave the Aventura Mall its official name and opened it publicly in April 1983.

The Aventura Mall had a significant expansion in 1996 when construction first began. The new addition, which was constructed onto the southeast end of the original complex, had an atrium three stories tall and included a multiplex theatre and eateries at a new entrance.

Did You Know?

Aventura Mall is home to an extensive art program consisting of over 20 permanent, museum-caliber art installations including pieces by Ugo Rondinone, Donald Baechler, The Haas Brothers, and Carsten Höller.

  1. American Dream

Total Floor Area: 3,000,000 square feet
Number of Stores: 450+
Location: East Rutherford, New Jersey
Owner: Triple Five Group
Opening Date: 2019

American DreamSource: Wikimedia

The Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey, in the United States of America, is home to a sizable shopping and entertainment complex known as American Dream.

The Mills Corporation first proposed the idea in 2003 under the name Meadowlands Xanadu, although the building did not begin until the following year, in 2004.

The theme park Nickelodeon Universe opened its doors to guests in October 2019, while the Big Snow American Dream ski slope welcomed skiers and snowboarders in December of the same year.

Did You Know?

The COVID-19 epidemic caused the mall to be forced into temporary closure on March 8. As a result, the opening of the DreamWorks Water Park, originally slated to take place on March 19, 2020, and the mall’s retail stores and eateries were pushed back.

  1. Mall of America

Total Floor Area: 5,000,000 square feet
Number of Stores: 520
Location: Bloomington, Minnesota
Owner: Triple Five Group
Opening Date: 1992

Mall of AmericaSource: Wikimedia

The Mall of America is the largest shopping mall in the U.S. The MOA is a massive retail center found in Bloomington, Minnesota, in the United States.

The shopping center may be found in the metropolitan region of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. It can be found to the southeast of the interchange where Interstate 494 and Minnesota State Highway 77 meet.

It opened its doors in 1992 and is now the ninth-biggest shopping mall in the world. Not only is it the largest mall in the United States, but it is also the largest mall in the Western Hemisphere.

Did You Know?

In addition to the hotels, restaurants, and shops within the mall, there are even more of these types of establishments outside the mall. The South Loop District in Bloomington is where the Mall of America and the extra businesses can all be found together.


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