8 Largest Truck Stops In The United States Of America

Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of the American economy. They are responsible for transporting commodities across the nation in order to keep our companies operational.

However, driving a truck is a physically hard profession, and spending a lot of time on the road may be taxing. Because of this, it is very necessary for truck stops to provide truckers with conveniences that make their lives a little bit simpler while they are out on the road.

In recent years, truck stops have evolved into full-fledged attractions, complete with multiplexes, churches, movie theaters, and even casinos.

With all of these conveniences readily accessible to drivers, there is no longer any need to feel like you are missing out on the comforts of home when you are traveling.

There are over 40,000 truck stops in North America, and happily, there are now applications that assist truckers discover the finest ones among those stops. These establishments may be large franchise chains or they may be single-location mom-and-pop enterprises.

We have ranked the ten largest truck stops in the United States of America. Examine it for yourself, and you’ll quickly see why these establishments are among the very finest in the field.

  1. Noble’s Restaurant and Truck Stop

Parking Capacity: 75
Location: Corinth, Kentucky
Shower Count: 5
Special Features: ATM, Convenience Store, Restaurant, Wi-Fi

Noble’s Restaurant and Truck Stop  Source: Wikimedia

The hamburgers, sandwiches, and coleslaw at this diner are always prepared to perfection, and you may eat there whenever you find yourself in the Noble’s Truck Stop. If the coffee is good, the food will taste much better, and you will be more likely to return.

The excellent customer service and welcoming employees at Noble’s Restaurant and Truck Stop have made it one of the most well-known establishments in the area.

It’s possible that the typical pricing at this location may surprise you. Reviewers have a favorable opinion of the establishment because of its pleasant ambiance.

Did You Know?

This truck stop was rated the best among independent truck stops in 2021 due to its small-town atmosphere, home-style country cooking, and excellent prices for both food and gas.

  1. Flying J Whisky Pete’s

Parking Capacity: 125
Location: Primm, Nevada
Shower Count: 7
Special Features: ATM, Casino, Convenience Store, Laundry, Wi-Fi

Flying J Whisky Pete’s  Source: Wikimedia

The Flying J is 13,000 square feet and contains seven private showers, a business laundry facility, and a professional drivers’ lounge with flat-screen TVs.

In addition, the truck stop has quick-service eateries such as Subway, Starbucks, and Dairy Queen, as well as 40 casino games and free Wi-Fi access inside the travel center.

In addition to the 24 Chevron gasoline pumps, this location also has 10 commercial diesel pumps, a separate fueling site for RVs, and an electric vehicle charging station. Primm is able to accommodate more than 37,000 people per day along Interstate 15.

Did You Know?

The Flying J Truck Stop at Whiskey Pete’s opened its doors in 2013, bringing with it seven private showers, a commercial laundry facility, and a professional drivers’ lounge with TVs to the newly constructed Primm Valley travel complex.

  1. Big Apple Travel Center

Parking Capacity: 150
Location: Joplin, Missouri
Shower Count: 4
Special Features: ATM, Fast-food, Lounge, Pet Area, Wi-Fi

Big Apple Travel Center  Source: Wikimedia

The Big Apple Travel Center was established with the goal of providing travelers with a facility that not only takes care of them but also takes care of their family and automobiles while they are away from home.

As travelers, the establishment is well aware of how crucial it is to stop at a facility that is both clean and welcoming. At Big Apple, they maintain a tidy atmosphere for the benefit of each and every one of our clients.

They provide a warm welcome to anybody who comes through our doors, standing by to lend a hand and ready to offer cordial assistance.

Did You Know?

They also contribute a part of our revenues to individuals who are making a difference in our community and are dedicated to working with local communities to assist in our town’s growth and prosperity.

  1. Love’s Travel Stop #781

Parking Capacity: 188
Location: Madison, Georgia
Shower Count: 9
Special Features: ATM, Vehicle Service Center, Dog Park, Wi-Fi

Love’s Travel Stop #781  Source: Wikimedia

Customers in Madison, Georgia may now take advantage of the services provided by Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, which is a successful chain of travel stops in the United States and the industry leader in this sector.

Morgan County gains 108 truck parking spots, 80 vehicle parking spots and 100 new employment opportunities as a result of the opening of the Madison shop, which is situated just off Interstate 20.

Did You Know?

This site in Morgan County has a total area of more than 17,000 square feet.

  1. Love’s Travel Stop #763

Parking Capacity: 224
Location: Hampshire, Illinois
Shower Count: 7
Special Features: ATM, Laundry Facility, Gaming Area, Wi-Fi

Love’s Travel Stop #763  Source: Wikimedia

More than 540 Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores can be found throughout 41 different states, making it the largest travel stop network in the United States. Tom and Judy Love established the company in 1964, and it now has its headquarters in Oklahoma City.

Truckers often think of Love’s for its welcoming personnel, ample parking, and extensive selection of beverages. This is also true at Love’s site #763 in Hampshire, Illinois, which offers all of these things to its customers.

It’s important to note that Love’s goes above and beyond to provide motorists and truckers a rest stop that’s tidy and secure,

Did You Know?

The Love’s Travel Stop located in Hampshire is now providing tire, lube, and mechanical services for professional drivers around the clock at Love’s Truck Tire Care Centers and Speedco.

  1. TravelCenters of America #236

Parking Capacity: 292
Location: Morris, Illinois
Shower Count: 6
Special Features: ATM, Casino, Convenience Store, Laundry, Wi-Fi

TravelCenters of America #236  Source: Wikimedia

As of 2018, TravelCenters of America (TA), a company that operates truck stops and travel centers in the United States, had approximately 270 full-service locations.

They are along the Interstate Highway System in 44 states in the United States and in Canada, in addition to standalone restaurants in more than 10 states.

Nearly 20,000 people are employed by the limited liability business that has its headquarters in Westlake, Ohio. The corporation is traded publicly. Morris is home to the company’s most significant truck stop anywhere in the state of Illinois.

Did You Know?

Phil Saunders launched what is now known as TravelCenters of America in 1972 under the name Truckstops of America.

  1. White’s Travel Center

Parking Capacity: 725
Location: Raphine, Virginia
Shower Count: 19
Special Features: ATM, Dental Services, Motel, Wi-Fi

White’s Travel Center  Source: Wikimedia

White’s Travel Center is open all day, every day of the year! Exit 205 of the interstates 81 and 64 is the most convenient place to access them, but if you’d rather take a more scenic route, you may take U.S. Route 11 to Raphine Road and then come to us from there.

The biggest truck stop on the East Coast is home to a number of different dining options in addition to providing drivers with a wide range of facilities of the highest possible standard.

It is to be expected that there will always be some form of continuing initiative in the works to enhance the White’s Travel Center of the future. We are committed to giving motorists access to services that are unparalleled in terms of both their quality and their level of convenience.

Did You Know?

Bill Moon, the creator of the Iowa 80 Truckstop, has a desire to one day open the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum. Bill had the hobby of collecting vintage vehicles and other items related to the trucking industry.

  1. Iowa 80

Parking Capacity: 900
Location: Walcott, Iowa
Shower Count: 24
Special Features: ATM, Barber Shop, Restaurant, Truck Repairs, Wi-Fi

Iowa 80  Source: Wikimedia

A location that entices visitors to stay for a while. You’ll discover a location that is completely unique to anywhere else on the planet in the southeastern corner of Iowa, not too far from the Mississippi River, and close to the quaint community of Walcott.

In 1964, this location became the home of the Iowa 80 Truckstop, which is today the largest truck stop in the world with a parking capacity of 900. Since then, it has become not only a home away from home for a large number of truck drivers, but also a destination for other types of visitors.

Although Iowa 80 Truckstop has been described by some as a little city and by others as a Trucker’s Disneyland, everyone can agree that it is an experience that should not be missed.

Did You Know?

An average of 5,000 guests are served each and every day at the Iowa 80. It is also a spot for socializing, since generations of local and interstate truckers have stopped throughout the years.


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