7 Largest Cruise Lines In The World

Cruising offers comfort, elegance, and adventure. Several of the world’s cruise lines are large. Travelers may enjoy unmatched luxury and services on these cruise lines. We’ll discuss the world’s major cruise lines without naming any.

Large cruise companies sail to many locations and have a huge fleet. These cruise lines provide packages and experiences for all budgets. They have modern ships with pools, restaurants, bars, theaters, and shops. Passengers may select from several activities and excursions to make their trip unforgettable.

The major cruise lines sail worldwide. They provide short, week-long, and prolonged cruises. For their interests and budgets, passengers may select from simple rooms to magnificent suites.

Large cruise lines can accommodate huge groups, which sets them apart. These cruise companies can seat thousands of people, making them perfect for family vacations, business gatherings, and other group travel. They provide several amenities to keep passengers happy.

Sustainability distinguishes the major cruise companies. To reduce their environmental effect, they use eco-friendly technology. Responsible tourism and cultural immersion assist local communities and destinations.

The major cruise lines provide tourists a world-class experience with state-of-the-art ships, a variety of facilities and activities, and a worldwide presence. They accommodate all budgets and travel tastes, making them perfect for all travelers. Let’s not waste time and learn about the 8 largest cruise lines in the world.

  1. Virgin Voyages

Total Revenue as of 2021: USD 303 million
Annual Passengers as of 2021: 111,100
Headquarters: Plantation, Florida, U.S.
Year Established: 2014

Virgin VoyagesSource: Wikimedia

Virgin Voyages entered the cruise sector in 2014. Despite its recent debut, the cruise line has created ripples in the industry with its innovative approach to cruising and strong dedication to sustainability. Virgin Voyages, with three ships, is the eighth biggest cruise line in 2021.

Virgin Voyages differentiates itself by prioritizing visitor satisfaction. The company’s ships emphasize health, entertainment, and nightlife to attract more active passengers. The ships have spas, exercise centers, several restaurants, and pubs and lounges.

Virgin Voyages’ sustainability distinguishes them from other cruise operators. The corporation has invested in eco-friendly technologies including a waste management system that recycles and turns trash into electricity and a propulsion system that decreases fuel consumption and pollutants.

Did You Know?

One of the unique features of Virgin Voyages is its “No Kids” policy. The company’s ships offer no family-friendly amenities or programming, and customers must be 18 or older to cruise.

  1. Hurtigruten AS

Total Revenue as of 2021: USD 334 million
Annual Passengers as of 2021: 122,300
Headquarters: Tromsø, Norway
Year Established: 1866

Hurtigruten ASSource: Wikimedia

Hurtigruten AS is a Norwegian cruise line that was founded in 1866. The sixth biggest cruise company in the world operates 16 ships to Norway, Greenland, Iceland, the Arctic, and Antarctica. The firm promotes sustainable tourism and isolated, unspoiled areas.

Hurtigruten originated as a Norwegian coastal shipping business. The company’s first ship, the DS Vesteraalen, launched in 1893, and it rapidly expanded to mail transportation, tourism, and exploration.

Hurtigruten’s 21st-century innovations continue. The firm now visits the Arctic and Antarctica and is known for sustainable tourism. Hurtigruten became the first cruise company to use battery packs in 2019, decreasing pollutants and noise.

Did You Know?

Hurtigruten promotes sustainable tourism and environmental responsibility to preserve the natural beauty and biological richness of its locations. The firm uses battery-powered ships, reduces plastic waste, and partners with local communities and conservation groups to lessen its environmental effect.

  1. Disney Cruise Line

Total Revenue as of 2021: USD 653 million
Annual Passengers as of 2021: 312,200
Headquarters: Tromsø, Norway
Year Established: 1866

Disney Cruise LineSource: Wikimedia

Families and Disney lovers love Disney Cruise Line, the sixth-largest cruise operator in the world. Disney Cruise Line has provided top-notch entertainment, cuisine, and amusement since 1998.

Disney Cruise Line has five ships: Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy and Wish. Disney characters and motifs are used to decorate each ship. These features immerse travelers, particularly Disney-loving children.

Disney Cruise Line dining is another delight. Rotational dining lets customers try three themed restaurants throughout their cruise. The ships’ locations inspire award-winning chefs’ dishes.

Disney Cruise Line provides leisure in addition to entertainment and cuisine. Each ship has pools, water slides, sports courts, and gyms. All-ages youth clubs on the ships allow kids to make new friends and do age-appropriate activities.

Did You Know?

Disney Cruise Line’s entertainment is a highlight. Onboard entertainment includes Broadway-style shows and Disney character meet-and-greets. Disney Magic and Disney Wonder offer “Frozen, A Musical Spectacular,” a full-scale production based on the hit Disney animated film.

  1. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

Total Revenue as of 2021: USD 648 Million
Annual Passengers as of 2021: 1.3 million
Headquarters: Miami, Florida, U.S.
Year Established: 2011

Norwegian Cruise Line HoldingsSource: Wikimedia

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) runs Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. The firm provides international cruise itineraries with 28 ships.

NCLH was started in 1966 as Norwegian Caribbean Line and has since developed to become the fourth biggest cruise company in the world. Over 36,000 people work for the Miami-based company.

Innovative cruising is NCLH’s strength. Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Freestyle Cruising” lets customers eat when, when, and with whoever they choose. This distinguishes Norwegian from its rivals and is popular with travelers.

Did You Know?

NCLH has survived the COVID-19 epidemic, which disrupted the cruise business. To safeguard passengers and staff, the firm has developed new health and safety regulations with industry partners and health authorities.

  1. Royal Caribbean Group

Total Revenue as of 2021: USD 1.532 billion
Annual Passengers as of 2021: 5.8 million
Headquarters: Caribbean Way, Miami, Florida, U.S.
Year Established: 1997

Royal Caribbean GroupSource: Wikimedia

Royal Caribbean Group has been a renowned cruise line for almost 50 years. The Norwegian cruise line was started in 1968. It ranks third in the world after Carnival Corporation and MSC Cruises. The Royal Caribbean Group, based in Miami, Florida, operates 26 ships that provide cruises to tourists worldwide.

The Royal Caribbean Group is innovative. The firm has pioneered innovative technology and services that improve the cruise experience. Royal Caribbean Company created the first cruise ship rock-climbing wall in 1999. The firm has since added ice-skating rinks, zip lines, and indoor skydiving simulators. These characteristics make Royal Caribbean cruises fun and unforgettable.

Royal Caribbean is also environmentally conscious. Cleaner fuels and ship wastewater treatment technologies minimize the company’s carbon impact. Local communities help the firm promote sustainability and environmental protection.

Did You Know?

Customer service is a key to Royal Caribbean’s success. The company’s crew is trained to provide guests a pleasant ride. The firm provides a range of meals to suit various tastes. Restaurants vary from elegant to informal.

  1. Carnival Corporation

Total Revenue as of 2021: USD 1.908 billion
Annual Passengers as of 2021: 5.8 million
Headquarters: Miami, Florida, United States
Year Established: 1972

Carnival CorporationSource: Wikimedia

Carnival Corporation is a leading cruise line. The Miami-based corporation, founded in 1972 by Ted Arison, runs approximately 100 ships under nine brands, including Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, and Costa Cruises.

Carnival Corporation’s varied brand portfolio, each with its own personality and audience, is a strength. Carnival Cruise Line’s cheerful, informal ambiance attracts families and younger visitors, whereas Holland America Line’s premium ambience attracts older guests. The corporation can reach more cruisers with its diverse brand portfolio.

Carnival Corporation, with a strong brand portfolio and environmental focus, dominates the cruise business despite these problems. As the globe recovers from the epidemic, the firm can leverage on the rising demand for cruise holidays and continue to provide exceptional experiences to passengers.

Did You Know?

Sustainability is another Carnival Company strength. The corporation aims to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 and invest in ship efficiency technology. Carnival Corporation’s recycling and environmental collaborations decrease waste and encourage conservation.

  1. Mediterranean Shipping Company

Total Revenue as of 2021: USD 28.2 billion
Annual Passengers as of 2021: 1.4 million
Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
Year Established: 1970

Mediterranean Shipping CompanySource: Wikimedia

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is the largest cruise line in the world. It offers luxurious and innovative cruise experiences to travelers around the globe. With a fleet of 19 cruise ships and more on order, MSC has become a leader in the industry since its inception in 1960.

Founded in Naples, Italy by Gianluigi Aponte, MSC started as a cargo shipping company with just one vessel. In the 1980s, MSC entered the cruise industry and quickly expanded, offering Mediterranean itineraries aboard its first cruise ship, the Melody.

MSC’s commitment to their corporate social responsibility is just one example of its overall dedication to providing an exceptional cruise experience for its guests.

Did You Know?

MSC’s commitment to innovation is also evident in its partnership with technology giant, Samsung. The two companies have worked together to create a range of digital experiences for passengers, including a personalized virtual assistant called Zoe, interactive touchscreens throughout the ships, and a dedicated app for booking and planning activities.


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