8 Largest Sailing Yachts In The World

Sailing yachts are the epitome of luxury and unhurried travel. Some of the biggest sailing boats have been produced, showcasing engineering, design, and construction. These magnificent boats may stretch hundreds of feet, have numerous decks, and hold dozens of passengers and crew.

Wind power propels sailing boats. Sailing boats, unlike motor yachts, need trained crews to operate their complicated rigging, sails, and other equipment. To assure passenger and crew safety and comfort, they generally include high-tech navigation, communication, and other amenities.

Hybrid propulsion, innovative waste treatment, and energy-efficient lighting and heating make the biggest sailing boats ecologically sustainable. The designers, builders, and owners of these magnificent boats are dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty of the oceans and seas they sail.

The biggest sailing ships are technical marvels and prestige symbols. Famous people, nobility, and business executives own them. Private cruise and chartering provide the pinnacle in luxury vacation for the wealthy.

Finally, enormous sailing ships are engineering, design, and luxury wonders. These magnificent ships allow guests to traverse the world’s oceans and seas in luxury and grandeur. These 8 largest sailing yachts give a look into a world of luxury and pleasure few will ever experience.

  1. Sea Eagle II

Builder: Royal Huisman
Total Length: 81 meters
Gross Weight: 1,050 tons
Year of Launch: 2020

Sea Eagle IISource: Boat International

Royal Huisman created Sea Eagle II, the eighth-largest sailing boat in the world. Its sleek lines and graceful design make it one of the world’s most stunning sailing yachts. It measures 81 meters long and 12.2 meters wide.

Dykstra Naval Architects, specialists in big sailing boats, designed the vessel. They collaborated with the owners to build a quick, comfortable, and sailable boat. The yacht’s three carbon fiber masts, the highest ever constructed, support a sail area of almost 3,000 square meters.

Sea Eagle II sails softly under electric power thanks to its hybrid propulsion system. The yacht’s two diesel engines power the batteries, but they may be turned off while sailing to reduce noise and pollutants. Sea Eagle II gets RINA’s Green Star designation as one of the world’s most eco-friendly sailing boats.

Did You Know?

Sea Eagle II is spectacular inside and out. Mark Whiteley designed the beautiful, comfortable interior, which can seat 12 people in six cabins. The magnificent main salon has plenty of space and a huge dining table for formal dinners. Cinema, gym, and spa with sauna and massage room.

  1. Aquijo

Builder: Oceanco & Vitters
Total Length: 85 meters
Gross Weight: 1,538 gt
Year of Launch: 2016

AquijoSource: Oceanco

Aquijo is an engineering and design marvel. Aquijo, built by Oceanco and Vitters, is the seventh-largest sailing boat in the world. It is a waterfront marvel with contemporary architecture and superb facilities.

The sailing yacht debuted in 2016 after three years of building. Dykstra and Tripp Naval Architects designed it. The yacht features a 90-meter (295-foot) carbon-fiber mast with an aluminum superstructure and hull.

One of the world’s biggest sailing boats, it has a 3,300-square-meter sail area. Two 1,100 horsepower engines power the boat to 17 knots with this sail area (31 kilometers per hour). Aquijo has a movable keel for varied sailing situations.

Did You Know?

Aquijo’s outside area is impressive. The boat includes a huge flybridge with a Jacuzzi, sun loungers, and a spacious sitting space for visitors to relax and enjoy the views. The flybridge and deck include big outdoor eating places where visitors may enjoy ocean views.

  1. Maltese Falcon

Builder: Perini Navi
Total Length: 88 meters
Gross Weight: 1,157 gt
Year of Launch: 1990

Maltese FalconSource: Wikimedia

The sixth-largest sailing yacht in the world, the Maltese Falcon, is an engineering marvel. Sailing enthusiasts, luxury vacationers, and design connoisseurs are drawn to this stunning yacht.

The Maltese Falcon, designed by naval architect Gerard Dijkstra and constructed by Perini Navi in Italy, was launched in 2006. Its three-mast design distinguishes the 88-meter (289-foot) sailing boat.

The Maltese Falcon’s DynaRig technology, which employs computer-controlled sails to collect wind power and propel the yacht, is astounding. The Maltese Falcon, one of the world’s fastest sailing boats, can exceed 20 mph with this cutting-edge equipment.

Did You Know?

The Maltese Falcon has six elegant staterooms, including a master suite with a private lounge and a full-beam VIP suite, for 12 guests. A big cockpit with a dining table and comfy seats and a flybridge with a Jacuzzi and sun loungers provide adequate outside gathering space.

  1. Athena

Builder: Royal Huisman
Total Length: 90 meters
Gross Weight: 1,100 gt
Year of Launch: 2004

AthenaSource: Yacht Charter Fleet

Athena, the fifth-largest sailing boat in the world, is stunning. Athena is an engineering and design masterpiece. In 2004, Royal Huisman constructed Athena. The famous naval architect Pieter Beeldsnijder collaborated with the owner to develop a beautiful and useful boat. Modern technology and traditional design create a gorgeous vessel.

The 90-meter yacht has a 12.2-meter beam. One diesel engine is capable of pushing the boat at 19 knots. Athena is a sailing yacht with a 2,500-square-meter sail area. Her three carbon fiber masts are among the highest ever constructed at over 60 meters.

Did You Know?

Athena is ecologically mindful despite her stature. She has a hybrid propulsion system, solar panels, and a wastewater treatment facility. This makes the boat environmentally friendly while yet offering contemporary amenities.

  1. EOS

Builder: Lurssen Yachts
Total Length: 92.92 meters
Gross Weight: 1,500 gt
Year of Launch: 2006

EOSSource: Wikimedia

Sailboats are famed for their luxury. The fourth-largest sailing boat, EOS, is one example. With her sleek lines and tall masts, EOS is stunning on the sea. This article examines EOS’s history, characteristics, and sailing distinctions.

German Lurssen Yachts constructed EOS in 2006. Bill Langan designed and launched the boat the same year. It was the biggest sailing boat when launched. Three sailing boats have exceeded it. EOS is still a striking sight on the water and a monument to Lurssen Yachts’ excellence.

EOS has a stunning interior. Fran├žois Catroux, a premium house and yacht designer, created the vessel’s interior. EOS’s interior is modern with vintage touches. The yacht’s exquisite main salon is ideal for entertaining guests.

Did You Know?

EOS holds 16 guests and 21 crew. The boat includes six staterooms: a full-beam master bedroom, two VIP suites, and three double cabins. Each stateroom has high-end furniture and services.

  1. Black Pearl

Builder: Oceanco
Total Length: 106.7 meters
Gross Weight: 2,864 gt
Year of Launch: 2016

Black PearlSource: Oceanco

The magnificent sailing yacht Black Pearl is noted for its size, unique design, and opulent facilities. It is the third biggest sailing boat in the world and a wonder of engineering at 106 meters.

The Black Pearl was launched in 2016 by Oceanco, a Dutch shipbuilder. Oceanco, Ken Freivokh Design, Nuvolari-Lenard, and Villate designed the boat. The crew had to design a sleek, high-tech watercraft.

The Black Pearl is a sailing boat engineering marvel. Its futuristic boat design, cutting-edge technology, and sumptuous amenities make it a marvel. The Black Pearl will dazzle on the wide sea or in a quiet port.

Did You Know?

The Black Pearl has an equally attractive interior. Six luxury staterooms with private bathrooms may seat 12 guests on the boat. The large master bedroom has a salon, study, and dressing area. The boat boasts a huge salon, formal dining room, and cinema for eating and entertainment.

  1. Oceanco Y721

Builder: Oceanco
Total Length: 127 meters
Gross Weight: 3,300 gt
Year of Launch: 2023

Oceanco Y721Source: Boat International

Few luxury sailing boats can match the Oceanco Y721. The 127-meter Oceanco Y721 is the world’s second-largest sailing yacht and a naval architectural marvel.

The stylish and imposing Nuvolari Lenard-designed Y721 is sleek and futuristic. The yacht’s aluminum hull is light yet sturdy. The Y721’s carbon fiber masts, nearly 100 meters tall, hold a 6,600-square-meter sail area.

The Y721 has an amazing hybrid propulsion system. Twin diesel engines or electric motors attached to a big battery bank power the boat. When electric, the boat cruises softly and emissions-free.

Did You Know?

A fully equipped gym, spa with sauna and steam room, movie room, and beach club with pool and direct sea access are onboard. On the yacht’s foredeck, a 7.5-ton helicopter can land.

  1. Sailing Yacht A

Builder: Nobiskrug
Total Length: 142.8 meters
Gross Weight: 12,558 gt
Year of Launch: 2015

Sailing Yacht ASource: Wikimedia

Sailing Yacht A is the largest sailing yacht in the world. It is an engineering marvel. This futuristic sailboat has captivated sailing aficionados and high workmanship lovers.

German shipyard Nobiskrug constructed Sailing Yacht A for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Philippe Starck designed it. This $450 million warship took five years to build.

Sailing Yacht A’s three 100-meter-tall masts stand out. High-tech, lightweight sails are computer-controlled. This makes sailing easy in bad weather.

Did You Know?

Sailing Yacht A has an equally beautiful interior. The boat accommodates 20 guests and 54 staff members in comfort. The main deck has a gorgeous swimming pool that can be turned into a dance floor, while the lower deck has a huge spa with a sauna, steam room, and massage area.



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