8 Largest Yard Sales In The USA

Americans hold yard sales to make money or declutter. However, large and popular yard sales stand out. Annual yard sales draw visitors from throughout the nation.

A little Midwest community hosts the nation’s biggest yard sale. Across many kilometers, hundreds of sellers offer furniture, clothes, antiquities, and autos. Throughout the years, the event has expanded to draw thousands of participants, many from out of state.

Southeast coastal towns have another enormous yard sale. Hundreds of households sell their unwanted stuff in numerous communities. This yard sale is popular with beachgoers who want to buy and relax.

A western city has an annual yard sale that encompasses several city blocks. Hundreds of merchants offer toys, gadgets, and more during the event. The city’s yard sale attracts tourists from throughout the nation.

These are just a handful of the biggest American yard sales. These events foster community, making them distinctive. People gather to purchase, trade, and talk. These yard sales show that face-to-face encounters still matter in a digital age. Now, let’s know about the 8 largest yard sales in the US.

  1. U.S. 25 Yard Sale

Total Length: 200 miles
Location: Richwood, Kentucky, to Corbin, Kentucky
Period: First weekend of June
Year Established: 1999

U.S. 25 Yard SaleSource: Wikimedia

The gigantic yearly U.S. 25 Yard Sale spans six states and over 690 miles of roadway. With hundreds of merchants offering antiques, handcrafted crafts, and yard sale finds, it’s a shopper’s paradise. Bargain seekers, collectors, and weekend adventurers flock to the festival on August’s first Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Covington, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, to Richwood, Georgia, south of Augusta, is the U.S. 25 Yard Sale. U.S. Route 25 passes through small towns, rural regions, and large cities in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Every seller may put up a booth along the route and sell anything.

The U.S. 25 Yard Sale fosters community. The event draws merchants and buyers from throughout the nation, providing an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and discover new locations. The sale is enjoyable and memorable since many towns along the route have unique events, activities, and attractions.

Did You Know?

The range of products at the U.S. 25 Yard Sale is exceptional. From antique furniture to vintage apparel, handcrafted jewelry to collectable toys, home décor to tools and hardware, you can find everything. Some merchants provide a variety of goods, while others specialize. U.S. 25 Yard Sale has everything.

  1. Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale

Total Length: 250 miles
Location: Ohio Lincoln Highway
Period: Second week of August
Year Established: 2000

Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard SaleSource: Wikimedia

The Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale is a unique yearly event along the historic Lincoln Highway from Illinois to Ohio. Almost 200 miles of picturesque roadways and hundreds of sellers make this the world’s largest yard sale.

The Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale began in 2000 to encourage tourism and economic growth along the route. The festival draws thousands of tourists from throughout the nation during the second weekend of August. Residents, companies, and organizations join the neighborhood yard sale.

Exploring Lincoln Highway villages is a highlight of the event. These communities boast attractive Main Streets, historic downtowns, and distinctive shops and restaurants. Tourists may stop at yard sales and see local sites while traveling the picturesque route.

Did You Know?

The Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale includes cultural and retail. It commemorates the Lincoln Highway and its settlements. Visitors may meet locals and learn about the region’s history.

  1. Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale

Total Length: 260 miles
Location: Barnesville, Georgia, to Brunswick, Georgia
Period: Second weekend of March
Year Established: 2005

Peaches to the Beaches Yard SaleSource: Wikimedia

Every spring, a stretch of Highway 341 from the small town of Barnesville to the coastal city of Brunswick in Georgia comes alive with a unique event known as the Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale. The event, which began in 2005, attracts thousands of bargain hunters, treasure seekers, and travelers from all over the United States.

The Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale is a 200-mile-long yard sale that spans across eight counties and over 70 towns. The sale takes place on the second weekend of March every year and lasts for two days.

The Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale is a unique event that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned yard sale shopper or just looking for a fun weekend getaway, you’re sure to find something of interest along the 260-mile route.

Did You Know?

The sale begins in Barnesville, a quaint town located about an hour south of Atlanta. Barnesville is known as the “Buggy Capital of the South” and is home to the Buggy Days Festival, which takes place in September.

  1. Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale

Total Length: 392 miles
Location: Mesquite, Texas, to Jackson, Mississippi
Period: Third weekend of April and October
Year Established: 2013

Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way SaleSource: Wikimedia


Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia host the annual Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale. The auction honors the ancient route, which connected the East and West Coasts. The Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Auction preserves the heritage of the roadway, which has been supplanted by interstates and other contemporary routes.

The festival draws thousands of tourists from throughout the nation during the first full weekend of November. The highway sale allows individuals, families, and companies to put up booths and offer their products and services. Crafts, jewelry, food, and antiques are on sale.

The sale offers cultural and historical as well as shopping. The roadway has several historic sites and landmarks. The Old Bridge across the Mississippi River in Louisiana, previously a roadway, is now a cycling and pedestrian route.

Did You Know?

The Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way has a rich early 20th century history. Until the 1950s and 1960s, the roadway was a significant cross-country route. The route, a National Scenic Byway and National Historic Trail, is significant to American history and culture.

  1. 400 Mile Sale

Total Length: 400 miles
Location: Maysville, Kentucky, to Paducah, Kentucky
Period: First weekend of June
Year Established: 2004

400 Mile SaleSource: Wikimedia

The annual 400 Mile Sale spans four Midwest states on historic US Route 68. The country’s biggest yard sale attracts guests from around the nation. The sale continues from Thursday through Sunday, beginning on June 1.

The 400 Mile Sale began in 2004 to encourage rural Kentucky tourism. The event now spans Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee. From Maysville, Kentucky to Paducah, Kentucky, US Highway 68 has something for you during the yard sale.

People may purchase and sell many products during the event. Participants sell antiques, collectibles, apparel, and household goods at booths along the route. Crafts, handcrafted items, and farm food are also available. The sale provides unusual finds and supports local businesses.

The deal is for everyone. Everyone may enjoy this family-friendly event. Live music, parades, and other entertainment are common in route towns. Kids may enjoy carnival rides, games, and more. BBQ, fried chicken, and handmade pie are available during the sale.

Did You Know?

The 400 Mile Sale goes beyond buying and selling. Communities may also commemorate their heritage and culture. Visitors may discover little villages and local attractions along the path. Discover Midwest treasures and meet new people at the event.

  1. U.S. 11 Antique Alley & Yard Sale

Total Length: 502 miles
Location: Addison, Michigan, to Gadsden, Alabama
Period: Prior to Mother’s Day
Year Established: 2000

U.S. 11 Antique Alley & Yard SaleSource: Wikimedia

U.S. 11 Antique Alley & Yard Sale is an annual southern US event that spans 500 picturesque miles from Meridian, Mississippi, to Bristol, Virginia. Collectors, bargain seekers, and antique lovers must visit the May event.

Since 2000, the U.S. 11 Antique Alley & Yard Sale has become one of the biggest yard sales in the country. The event sells antiques, antiquities, and vintage objects from various periods. The festival includes food, music, and vendors.

The festival runs from Thursday through Sunday before Mother’s Day. Rain or sunny, the sale has no entry or parking costs. Customers may explore and haggle with sellers.

Did You Know?

The U.S. 11 Antique Alley & Yard Sale preserves history and culture while selling stuff. The festival highlights southern US history and culture. Vendors are ready to tell buyers about the history of their products.

  1. Highway 127 Corridor Sale

Total Length: 690 miles
Location: Addison, Michigan, to Gadsden, Alabama
Period: First weekend of August
Year Established: 1987

Highway 127 Corridor SaleSource: Wikimedia

The Highway 127 Corridor Sale, is held annually on Highway 127 in the US. The first Thursday through Sunday in August, the sale covers 690 miles from Gadsden, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan.

In 1987, Fentress County, Tennessee county administrator Mark Pirtle proposed a county-wide yard sale to attract tourists, which became the Highway 127 Corridor Sale. The sale spread to Highway 127 counties and states fast. The event draws thousands of international buyers and sellers.

The Highway 127 Corridor Sale is a custom and cultural phenomenon. Flea market veterans and families seeking for a weekend adventure attend the sale. Visitors may tour tiny towns and rural regions and meet locals.

Did You Know?

To prevent COVID-19 spread, the 2020 Highway 127 Corridor Auction was canceled. The show organizers prioritized public health and safety, while sellers and guests struggled with this choice. The selling restarted in 2021 with safety measures.

  1. Historic National Road Yard Sale

Total Length: 824 miles
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, to St. Louis, Missouri
Period: Wednesday Through Sunday Following Memorial Day
Year Established: 2003

Historic National Road Yard SaleSource: Wikimedia

The Historic National Road Yard Sale is the largest yard sale in the US. Sale runs 824 miles from Baltimore, Maryland to St. Louis, Missouri along US Route 40. Nationwide sellers and customers attend the yard sale.

The Historic National Road Yard Sale celebrates the road’s history and lets visitors explore its towns and neighborhoods. The Memorial Day event runs from Wednesday to Sunday.

Shoppers can find unique items at the Historic National Road Yard Sale. The event is also an opportunity to visit the little towns and settlements along the route, many of which have distinct histories and attractions.

Did You Know?

The event’s highlight is visiting National Road historic sites. The Vandalia Statehouse, Huddleston Farmhouse, and Casselman River Bridge are examples. These places provide unique yard sale events and tours.



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